I’m Dave. Banker by day, writer/gamer/thinker by night.

Born in Nova Scotia, then moved out west gradually- currently I call Calgary home, and split half a duplex with my brother and a roommate.

I write about me on this blog (with the occasional venture into sports). Experiences, thoughts, predictions, an inner monologue that I’m choosing to share. You’re welcome to read and comment, and think what you like. I can’t really control how it’s perceived.  That’s the beauty/challenge with any kind of writing. It’s my perceptions of life, and how you take it will be different. I don’t have any particular gifting; a mind for analysis and math, a depth of thought that I don’t express well, a passion for sports and writing, and a voice (and a face, hyuk hyuk) for radio.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask- I’m always up for new connections.


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