The lesser of three weasels

I love my country. I love that I can vote without fear of anything worse than a hand cramp. I don’t particularly care for the options right now. Rants, mostly, with the standard “in my humble opinion” disclaimer attached.

Door Number One: Running a simplistic, reductive, fear-mongering campaign, appealing to the worst instincts of people, and trying to tell us how bad the other options are while ignoring their own considerable warts. Despite being racist, sexist, lying dictators who have demonstrated little in the way of compassion or integrity in how they run the country (to say nothing of their frightening aversion to science and new information), this party is somehow the default party of choice for those of a religious inkling, which confuses me to no end. They’re trumpeting an economic record that can charitably be described as mediocre, and found a budget surplus by taking from social programs right before an election- HOW CONVEEEEEEEEEENIENT and also terrible.

Door Number Two: Selling themselves on a platform of “real change for Ottawa”, something that sounds super great, but requires actual things that can be done to change the government, and more than a pretty face and pretty words. And while promoting hope and change, let’s ignore this party’s own laundry list of corruption and scandals that got them voted out in the early 00s, or the fact that the current leader is a legacy child of one of the most overrated prime ministers in history with very little in the way of his own accomplishments. When your economic plan is “tax the rich more and spend more money than we have”, that won’t earn you much more than an eye roll.

Door Number Three: Riding an unsustainable wave from a fickle voting province to a seat at the table with the big kids has done little to improve their knowledge of how things work. Business is good, folks, and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll be able to improve on a governing track record at the provincial level that can universally be described as awful. The side effect of depending on a fickle province is a leader and policies that drift in the wind, trying desperately to cling to momentum that won’t last because the principles change depending on who’s voting for you. “Taxing business” is a wonderful idea that forgets that you need businesses that will stay in countries with said taxes. People love the idea of more programs until we discover we have to pay for it. No wonder the track record with their governments has been awful.

I still don’t know who I’m voting for. But I feel a little better now.


2 thoughts on “The lesser of three weasels

  1. Ron

    Think you were a little hard on the PC’s . look at the positive things they have done for the country..It also sounds like you watch the CBC a little to much.

  2. Dave Church Post author

    Appreciate you stopping by, Ron. The post was definitely born out of frustration, but I stand by it.

    I haven’t watched the CBC (save for hockey) in about ten years. I was hoping they would have one of the debates, as a good national broadcaster would, but alas, I had to go to other outlets. As they don’t appear to be serving the public good, I’m entirely in favour of axing the network unless they get back to doing what a public broadcaster should do.

    As for being hard on the party behind door number one, I absolutely was. They’ve been in charge, so there was obviously more material to work from. But I see them squandering a leadership vacuum at the federal level (and a golden opportunity to cement front-runner status for a few years) by being political, simplistic, and self-righteous, governing and campaigning more out of fear than courage. The sad part is, despite the warts, they may well be the most qualified to run the country (which speaks as much to the alternatives), even with a mediocre economic record, because they actually seem to understand economics. But I don’t want a party that plays to ignorance to be in charge. If any of the parties had someone with any sort of leadership, vision and charisma, they would win easily. But none of them have all of those things.

    My issue is I don’t see anything good that has happened with them in power. I see a party more interesting in preserving it’s power than serving the people that elected them. I see them denying responsibility and attacking shadows rather than dealing with actual issues. I see them working against progress rather than with it, in a desperate play to keep votes. I see a party talking about small government and reforming the Senate instead having the largest cabinet in Canadian history, centralizing power in the PMO and silencing opposition, and continuing the patronage appointments they slammed when the other guys ran the country. There’s a reason that “Progressive” is no longer a part of the name (beyond the eight hundred mergers between that party and now, but anyway).

    Suffice it to say, I’m pulling very hard for a minority. Hope you have a great day.

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