NFL 2K13

FOOTBAW predictions, one sentence at a time. * for wildcards.



New England – Yeah.

Miami – Too much sleeper buzz, but solid last year in a bad division.

Buffalo – Manuel hurt already, could be a tough year.

NY Jets – This could be fun.


Cincinnati – I don’t like it any more than you do.

Baltimore* – 10-6 team won it all, but lost some parts.

Pittsburgh* – Narrow playoff team in a bad conference.

Cleveland – Better than you think, but employ Brandon Weeden.


Houston – Almost as easy a call as the Patriots.

Indianapolis – Luck will be better, but team will be worse.

Tennessee – And they’re not even THIS good, really.

Jacksonville – Probably the worst team in football.


Denver – This Welker/Manning thing will probably work okay.

Kansas City – Upgrading to competence at coach and QB helps.

San Diego – Philip Rivers in a strange, early decline.

Oakland – Right there with Jacksonville.



NY Giants – Miss the playoffs one year, win the division the next.

Washington – Won’t get a 7 game winning streak again.

Philadelphia – Can’t help but be better.

Dallas – Could be a 7-9 4th place finish.


Green Bay – Best QB in the league and a better defense (hopefully).

Detroit – Was surprisingly competitive last year.

Minnesota – Peterson is amazing, QB and defense have some questions.

Chicago – Trestman won’t stop the slide.


New Orleans – Upgrading from “eeeeeh” to “great again” at coach, still talent here.

Atlanta* – Still pretty good even if they don’t win the division.

Tampa Bay – Made some upgrades, but tough sledding here.

Carolina – Another sneaky competitive team, but need a few more parts.


San Francisco – Kaepernick in his first full year, defense is class of the division.

Seattle* – PED suspensions now, had the gifted win last year, but these guys are still pretty good.

St. Louis – Maybe we’ll know if Chad Bradford can play by the end of this year.

Arizona – Meh.


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