MLB 2K13

Baseball is heeeeeeeeere, time to make my usual one sentence predictions. * for wildcards!



1. Rays – Portrayed as the plucky underdog, but that pitching staff has some thunder.

2. Blue Jays* – Offseason winners after flashing some cash, but will be a very tight race.

3. Yankees – Lost a lot of punch, getting older/worse/hurt.

4. Red Sox – Not far off, but need some luck to make the postseason.

5. Orioles – Surprised a lot of teams last year, it won’t happen again.


1. Tigers – Victor Martinez coming back and Torii Hunter coming in helps solidify their hold on the division.

2. Indians – Did good waiting out top free agents, but still need some pitching.

3. White Sox – Lost a couple pieces, need some help from replacements to go higher.

4. Royals – A curious offseason, trading one of the game’s best prospects for a good (but not great) starter.

5. Twins – Barren farm system just starting to get restocked, and the major league club is a disaster.


1. A’s – Won the division last year, and the two closest teams got worse.

2. Angels* – Killer lineup, and some questions about the pitching staff.

3. Rangers – Strange to see the Rangers with good pitchers and uncertain hitting, usually that’s Anaheim’s thing.

4. Mariners – Extending Hernandez a great idea, but went after the wrong bats.

5. Astros – Beating the Twins out for the worst AL team this year, but bottoming out is probably the right idea.



1. Nationals – Will be staring down at the division for a while, I think.

2. Braves* – Losing Chipper hurts, but the machine will keep rolling without him.

3. Phillies – The solution for them wasn’t to keep getting older.

4. Mets – Will stay out of the basement (barely)…

5. Marlins – …Mostly because these guys sold EVERYONE to Toronto- thanks!


1. Cardinals – A great lineup, solid pitching, and excellent prospects ready to step in.

2. Reds* – Not a slight on them, they should be with the Cardinals almost step-for-step.

3. Pirates – Have started hot and faded the last couple years, figure that doesn’t change.

4. Brewers – Have lost a lot of talent the last couple of offseasons.

5. Cubs – Still a long ways to go.


1. Giants – Hit all the right buttons the last few years, is that going to change?

2. Dodgers – Probably need to hide the chequebook from the owners, but the spending should almost have the desired effect.

3. Diamondbacks – Trading away talent for grit is a wonderful theory, until you discover that talent can’t be taught.

4. Padres – Some sneaky-good youth there, but will be well out of the playoff running for now.

5. Rockies – Expensive offence, but at least the pitching is awful.


3 thoughts on “MLB 2K13

  1. Dave Church Post author

    Very true, and I like it. Could legitimately argue for any team in first and not be totally wrong. Feel decent about that order, but not much would surprise me outside of an Orioles runaway.

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