I’ve moved some things around here. Blame her. Cleaned up the sidebar, too. If you want a link, send a note- always looking to help out fellow existential bloggers.

It sucks when I get the writing bug on a Sunday evening before work. But it happens every week.

I was out in Fairmont with the family for a few days last week. I had a VACATION, of all things. I never really got the chance to go away over the summer, so I definitely felt a little cabin fever by the time I finished up my work on the Friday before last.

The time away was good for me, I think- it was nice to have a few days without any real obligations, or any schedules or worries. I see why people recommend this “vacation” thing. It seems like a good idea. Disengaging is something that the mind needs, and it was certainly something I needed. I spoke at length earlier about the summer, and what reflection I’ve done on how it went. It didn’t even matter that I couldn’t golf to save my life (please note the above spectacular view from the course), or didn’t spend enough time at the hot springs pools- it was enough to not be pushing paper and working mortgage angles behind a desk, wondering if this was the life I was meant to lead.

Fall tends to be a time where we look forward, with school starting, and the less responsible summer season cooling into an eventual winter (sooner than we like here in Calgary), and people more inclined to be at work than enjoying the great outdoors. So what do we do? What am I going to do?

I’ve got an analytical, reflective personality, and tend to dwell on things more than act on them. Being away from the grind was a good break from the overthinking I tend to do. It’s easy for me to look back and say that it was essential (and really, I can’t be sure of that until I get to work tomorrow and drown in whatever work they have waiting for me), but man, it was good to get away.

What happens now, in the season of starting over? We’ll see. But one thing is certain: It’s up to me.


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