In lieu of a Christmas letter

I didn’t understand Christmas cards, for a long time. That might have been a view born of teenage myopia, or maybe just something I saw as rote, meaningless duty when I was younger, scrawling my name on cards to people I didn’t see much. It seems like one of those things that my buddy Micky would say married people do, like go to Swiss Chalet or shop at Superstore (I don’t know if Micky’s ever put christmas cards in that particular category, I just feel like he might).

As with a lot of things, I’m coming to understand it more as I’ve gotten older, and tried to cherish those relationships I’ve made. I’ll admit to enjoying cards and letters I’ve gotten from people, though I don’t often opt for sending them just yet. Usually for people who are a distance away, who I can’t express things to in person.

For someone who writes like I do, writing is very personal and relational. I remember rolling my eyes at occasional stock “these are the great things that happened to us this year” kinds of letters, but those have their place. You want to retain that connection to your friends/loved ones. And people do that in different ways.

I (think I) am a closet sentimental type, and Christmas is a time of year that often brings sentiment. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people. Love, joy, excitement, any and all of these things in different combinations. It’s easy to get caught up in it- and why not?

I don’t always express myself well. There are so many people I want to wish a Merry Christmas to.  Maybe you’re family, maybe you’re a friend, maybe you’re someone I’ve never met but swapped witty quips with online. I want it to be personal, and meaningful. This is for all of you.

Merry Christmas, friends. I love you all, and wish for the very best for you in 2012. Thank you for reading, and writing back to me as well. Wherever you’re at, whether struggling or soaring, I hope you are blessed this season.


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