Something actually written on the way later, promise. WHO’S READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! * for wildcards!



Patriots – The champs until they’re not the champs of this division, reload as well as anyone.

Jets* – I don’t like it any more than you do, but that defense will keep them in games.

Dolphins – No idea what to make of them.

Bills – Fitzpatrick is actually good, but he needs some help.


Steelers – Getting long in the tooth on D, still better than Ravens, weak schedule.

Ravens* –  See above. Need some breaks (possibly literal) to win the division.

Browns – Lurking once one of the higher two fall off. Colt McCoy can play.

Bengals – On the one hand, they can’t be much worse. On the other hand, they could be.


Texans – Leery of the bandwagon. But I think they get it this year.

Titans – Textbook ‘transition’ year.

Colts – This is where it ends, this is where it ends…

Jaguars – Garrard wasn’t taking them anywhere, but neither will McCown.


Chargers – Start awful every year, but again the clear favourite.

Chiefs – Figure last year was more ‘mirage’ than foundation, but not bad.

Broncos – Kyle Orton’s okay, Fox can coach. Now need some players.

Raiders – Fired a (modestly) successful head coach. That always works.



Eagles – I don’t think Vick’s the QB in 3 years, but he’s good for now.

Cowboys* – Set up for a nice rebound year.

Giants – Got sledgehammered by the injury bug in the preseason, and didn’t really improve.

Redskins – Rex Grossman went to the Super Bowl! He must be good!


Packers – Got unlucky with injuries, and still won the Super Bowl. They’re a terrifying team.

Lions – Stafford’s made of glass, but that defense will cover some holes.

Vikings – Is a washed-up McNabb better than a washed-up Favre? We’ll find out!

Bears – Lucky last year. Won’t be this time.


Saints – Improved enough to pass the Falcons…

Falcons* – …who should still make the postseason.

Buccaneers – On the upswing, though the record may not reflect it. Looming if there’s any injuries higher up.

Panthers – Brought back the core of a 2-14 team, added a shiny new QB. That’ll be good for what, four wins?


Rams – Not the Greatest Show On Turf, but still pretty fun to watch.

Cardinals – A lot hinges on whether Kevin Kolb is good. No one’s really sure.

Seahawks – Apparently won a playoff game. BOLLOCKS, I say.

49ers – Yeah.


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