Predictions! * for wildcard.

American League


1) Red Sox – Moneeeeeeeeeeeeey, and guys not being hurt (hopefully). Scary good lineup.

2) Yankees* – Questions in the rotation, but strong hitting. Hard to see them falling far.

3) Rays – Manny/Damon ease the sting of Crawford/Pena leaving a little, but that bullpen could be frightening.

4) Jays – Young. Fun. Still brewing, though.

5) Orioles – Don’t get the hype on this team. Doesn’t a good righty kill that lineup?


1) Twins – Because it always happens.

2) White Sox – Getting a little long in the tooth, but still good enough for second.

3) Tigers – Could be close, don’t care much for the pitching.

4) Royals – Once the youngins play, they start showing signs of life.

5) Indians – Could be worst in the league. Too bad in a great baseball city.


1) Rangers – Losing Lee hurts, but this is an easy division to win.

2) A’s – Another team with a weird amount of hype. Aren’t they this year’s (version of last year’s) Mariners?

3) Angels – Willingly traded for Vernon Wells’ contract. Hard to take ’em seriously after that.

4) Mariners – Yeah.


National League


1) Phillies – Incredible starting staff, but the lineup’s starting to show cracks.

2) Braves – Not far ahead of the rest. Some youngins starting to play, apparently.

3) Marlins – Got fleeced by the Braves, but keep pumping out prospects.

4) Mets –  Maybe Beltran and Santana play some this year.

5) Nationals – Payed Jayson Werth like Vernon Wells. That’ll cost ya.


1) Reds – Surprisingly good last year. Dusty Baker managing young talent well? Really?

2) Brewers* – Some distressing luck early. I admire their moxie, going all-in when everyone else is stocking prospects.

3) Cardinals – They’ve got a free agent, or something. Been a pretty underplayed story so far.

4) Cubs – Need to tear it down before they can build it up again. Not sure if they’ve figured that out yet.

5) Astros – Some signs of life, but a bad team in a bad division.

6) Pirates – I don’t even have a joke here.


1) Giants – Essentially the Phillies, but younger, right? Sounds good to me.

2) Rockies – Seem to be jumping the gun on big money extensions. Which has ALWAYS worked in sports.

3) Dodgers – So is it the guy or the gal that owns the team? I’m not sure.

4) Diamondbacks – Man, what happened to them? Weren’t they up and coming at some point?

5) Padres – Picked them here last year (I think), and was gloriously wrong. Let’s see if I can make ’em good again.


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