On technology and red tape

.So there’s three monitors in my office at the branch right now.

(And no, Alex, it’s not a sweet setup like yours. Bankers can only have one at a time.)

One of them I’m using (and has been temporarily moved for that purpose), one is brand new, and one is my old one, which is busted. It had the green “on” light, but no image to prove that it actually worked. So, after checking the connections and testing it on a different computer like a good amateur computer guy (knowing where the wires go has elevated me to the de-facto branch techie), I called it in.

I’ve been impressed with the support process so far, actually- the tech support call was painless. It  went something like this:

Tech Support Guy: “What’s up?”
Me: “My monitor isn’t working. It says it’s on but it isn’t.”
TSG: “Did you check the connections?”
Me: “Yep. First thing I did. Also tested it with a different machine, no dice there either.”
TSG: “It is the green ‘on’ light and not the yellow ‘standby’ light?”
Me: “You betcha.”
TSG: “Alright, a new one’s on the way.”

So that’s an upside.

Here’s the gripes: First, that the monitor for our training computer (the monitor I’ve adapted for my own use, to the sarcastic remarks of co-workers) is light years better than the ones at all our workstations. It’s bigger, clearer, and doesn’t look like it was made in 1998. Using it now is great- knowing that I’m likely going back to mediocrity is not.

The question: Why is the monitor on the computer we never use light years better than everyone else’s?

Here’s one for both positive AND negative. The positive is that the monitor arrived Friday, having made the call Thursday afternoon. Colour me impressed, given our branch’s experience with tech support at times.

The negative: I can’t do anything with it. It’s sitting in a box on the floor behind me, waiting for one of our tech guys to come do his magic and get me back in (correct) play.

And I get the regs on them not wanting me to do it. I don’t touch it, I can’t screw it up. Liability, and all that. If they hook it up and it doesn’t work, we don’t get chewed out.

It’s just that occasionally, red tape makes things really dumb.


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