Twitter conversations: On puns, and geography

A back and forth between good friend Ken (@fitzwillie) and I (@dave_church) over the span of a couple of days on Twitter, which needed to be catalogued for future reference. Pretty sure I’ve seen geography puns like this somewhere (failbook, or some site like that), though these were all off the cuff. It was started by a tweet from Ken yesterday, that went thusly:

“One of those crazy things: an old post of ours getting big attention on a Czech website today.

And continued from here:

Me: Bet you like them “Czeching” it out.

Ken: With jokes like that, you’ll leave them Hungary for more.

Me: As long as they don’t Russia into it.

Ken: You’re not the Bosnian of me!

Me: You’re right- in fact, I live to Serbia.

Ken: Indeed, if you end up winning this, I’ll eat Croatia.

Me: Oslo what? There’s Norway I’m not winning this.

Ken: Maybe we can Sweden the pot? I’d hate you to think Icelander’ed you!

We were interrupted briefly by mutual friend Michelle (@mickie4004) who, in seeing our tweets, had to scold us: “I leave you two alone for 24 hours and this is what I return to???”

Which gave me a golden opportunity to involve a third party in my next message to both of them:  I think E’ gypt me, so Iran away.

Ken started it up again right after:  Oh, you’re slippery – like a Greece’d Turkey. I’d love Togo along with the fantasy, but this Israel.

Me:  For a fantasy, it’s pretty Chile in here. But I Congo there, since you did.

Ken: That may be true, but Uruguay. If the ladies Peruse this, they Malay off.

We paused briefly, and Ken decided he’d won:

I must have scared @dave_church away from our #geopunwar. He may Singapore song, but I’m sure he’ll be back with a New Zealand more puns.

Me: Sorry, my work Korea got India way.

Ken: Oh good, Rwanda keep going! I didn’t want to Prussia you!

Me: Careful… If Jamaica mistake on these, you’ll be Ghana before too long.

Ken: If your jokes continue to be that bad, they’ll Estonia…

Another pause, and Ken again prodded me with a declaration of victory, though we did get a couple more parting shots in:

Ken: I hereby declare victory in my #geopunwar with @dave_church. And if we weren’t such good France, I’d call him a Cretan.

Me: Regrettably, I have to concede to @fitzwillie in our #geopunwar. His mastery of the english Luxembourg has brought me down.

Ken: Just as long as this doesn’t Spain our relationship.

At which point we were- to the eternal relief of those who followed both of us (and would see our feeds)- actually done.


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