Jumping on the bandwagon started by Micky and Dennis, in one sentence, no-record form, as is my tradition. * for wildcard!



New England – Belichick and company declining, but still the top dog.

Miami – Only slightly better than the Jets from here.

NY Jets – Rex Ryan’s boys  less talented than they think against a harder schedule.

Buffalo – Eeyah. Let’s move on.


Baltimore – Good enough to win this division.

Pittsburgh* – Fanboying, to be sure, but…

Cincinnati – …Palmer’s not nearly as good as he used to be, and the Bengals aren’t sneaking up on anyone this time.

Cleveland – Holmgren DID watch some of Delhomme’s game film from the last couple of years, right?


Indianapolis – Manning’s won a Super Bowl, figure we can let him lose one too.

Houston* – Everyone’s sleeper pick for about the tenth year in a row. Maybe they make it this time. Maybe not.

Tennessee – Not far off the pace… don’t know if Young and Johnson are as good this year.

Jacksonville – Were they good at some point? They might have been.


San Diego – Mostly by default, but this is a good team anyhow.

Oakland – This year’s chic pick as a sleeper, not bad in a weak division.

Denver – Bad signs in the offseason for the second year in a row… don’t think they get lucky again.

Kansas City – Some progress, but still several pieces away.



Dallas – More sizzle than steak- which really isn’t new.

Philadelphia* – I like these guys every year, and they never seem to be as good as I think. Maybe a new QB changes that… though probably not.

NY Giants – They won a Super Bowl at some point. I guess that’s something.

Washington – Need a year to get everyone together.  Very tight division.


Green Bay – Apparently Rodgers was watching Vikings/Saints at a bar last year, and cheering for the Saints win. Attaboy.

Minnesota – Favre doesn’t get the magic two years in a row, and leaves another team with fans calling for his exit.

Chicago – Intriguing with Martz running the offense, but not enough to back him up.

Detroit – On the right path in a tough division.


New Orleans – Some fall off, but no real Super Bowl hangover for these guys.

Atlanta* – Is Matt Ryan for real, or will Micky ultimately be correct? This year might tell.

Carolina – Matt Moore or the Notre Dame guy? Doesn’t matter, they’ll still be 5-11 or something like that.

Tampa Bay – They’re young, so they’ve got that going for them.


San Francisco – I’m wary of this bandwagon. Very wary…

Seattle – …but no one else stands out in this division.

Arizona – Derek Anderson? Seriously? Did Matt Leinart hit a pedestrian or something? Flip off a box of kittens?

St. Louis – Another team in the right direction, but needing a lot more to get there.


One thought on “FOOTBALL

  1. Dennis

    My preview says it for me, but I don’t see how Philadelphia gets second, or how Seattle wins anything. Most of your AFC I could get on board with though.

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