Bro grabs

I’d have tons of these if my memory was better- I know our dinner table conversations (myself, Dennis, and Colette) are epic. That’s why Melissa keeps coming up, God bless IMs for saving greatness.

Kim: Are you with a customer?
Dave: If I am, they’re being very quiet.

(Watching Dollhouse)
Topher: Ballard’s going to be a zucchini!
Dennis: How will we know?

Melissa:  Seriously. I’m so angry, I could hit someone.
Me: *gets out of hitting distance*
Melissa:  I’m not going to hit you, Dave.
Me: I work with women. It’s a safe precaution.

(Watching 24)
Me: Maybe they kill Jack.
Dennis: No way.
Me: Go for shock value in the last season- that’s their golden goose, isn’t it? Isn’t that the kind of thing they’d do? Might as well with it almost done.
Dennis: Except they’re making a 24 movie, and Kiefer’s going to be in it.
Me: …Riiiiiiiight. Well there goes that theory.
Dennis: Yeah, probably not going to happen.
Me: …Maybe he’s zombie Jack in the movie.
Dennis: … (complete and utter disgust- and maybe an eye roll)

Dennis: Why would someone put just vegetables on a sandwich?
Me: Because they hate themselves.

Melissa: I hate you…especially when you’re right.
Me: I’m incredibly irritating that way.
Melissa: You are. I was chatting with my bro about it, and I read my sentence, then yours (aloud mind you), realized yours was better, said, “dammit, I hate it when he’s right.”
Melissa: To which my brother laughed.
Me: hahaha
Me: Is he a high five kind of guy? I’d totally high five for that.
Melissa: Whatever.
Me: This totally calls for a victory lap.
Melissa: Did I mention that I don’t like you right now?
Me: It may have come up.
Melissa: One of these victory laps I’m going to trip you, laugh, and not feel bad about it.
Me: That just means I need to start over!

(Texts sent to Dennis during the Calgary Expo)
Me: In a line for a photo-op with brent spiner
Me: I joined a line to get into another line
Me: If I die in the Nimoy line, you get the wii


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