Finding the range

I wish all things were this simple.

Two dribbles, a set of the feet, bring the ball up, FEEL the release, and the satisfying “swish” as it goes through the net. Didn’t touch the rim- perfect.

Take it back, do it again- watch it swish through.

I laughed, asking Luis if we could mark this spot on the floor. About fifteen feet from the bucket, just off the elbow of the key. Don’t know why it worked here.

I’m not a shooter, never have been. At least, not as long as I can remember in playing basketball. I played close to the hoop, out on the wing only if we needed spacing on offense.

During these first few, formative games in the rec league, I was rusty. Even as some things came instinctively- arms up on defense, boxing out a bigger man for the rebound, what spots on the floor I tend towards on offense- I hadn’t found the range on my shot. This was the first time in the games I thought I might find it.

After the third shot went down- this one did hit the back of the rim, but still through- the fourth was wide, my elbow flying out some on the release.

Not yet, apparently. That was fine, though- still getting back into it. I need to keep moving around, keep shooting the ball, until I do find it. I will eventually.


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