Punch drunk love

(Written on Friday, posted this morning)

Is it still Thursday?

I don’t think I slept on the flight. I vaguely recall watching some Star Trek, and large portions of In Good Company and Canadian Bacon before touching down in Halifax. Westjet getting satellite TV on their flights was a stroke of genius, it saved me ever going to the iPod or laptop for amusement. I was surprised at the quality of the fare on TV late at night, though that depends on your interpretation of the movies in question. Those are both acceptable “wandering into them on the TV” fare, from my view.

Most of today wasn’t funeral related, we took the chance to visit some family on Dad’s side after a power nap in the morning. As well as finding two more packing mistakes: Discovered that I left my hymnal at home, which wasn’t a huge gaffe. I could recall the exact sequence of how it happened- took out the music to add dress clothes and a jacket, and forgot to put it back in.  I’d be playing mostly by ear anyway, and that doesn’t concern me too much on short notice.

The other one- again, not major- was bringing a jacket with a semi-busted zipper. Why do I have this jacket in that first place? I’m not really sure. It will remain a mystery.

My laptop is still on Calgary time, which is disorienting. Between the scattershot sleeping and eating schedules over the last day or two, I think I’m on middle-of-the-Atlantic-ocean time by now, while my stomach is still working on a massive lunch (Two cheeseburgers, a piece of butterscotch cream pie, and finishing fries for two others and pie for one more- I REGRET NOTHING).

The funeral’s Saturday at 2, with more of our aunt’s family coming in for lunch and prep in the morning and afternoon. I’m still feeling the all-night flight, but I’ll be hitting the sack soon enough. I’ve felt like I’m ‘punch-drunk’ most of the day, without really knowing what that feels like, since that’s a state associated with boxing. Though I imagine it’s like this- a constant lull of a headache, no sharpness or ability to focus.

I can’t imagine doing this without family. I’m glad we have so many people here, to have this time with Mom and Dad, driving by the beautiful autumn trees of Nova Scotia, with the occasional rain clouding our view. ‘Bittersweet’ would be the word- nostalgic, sad, glad, all of those things.  I remember the good times, even in the midst of this.

We’re here. We’re together. And that’s not bad, isn’t it?


One thought on “Punch drunk love

  1. Sandra Church

    Hi kiddo. What a pleasure to meet you as an adult. I really don’t remember the last time, though it wasn’t long ago, I know. I was having brain farts then. The medication is working fine now. Sorry it had to be under a cloud like that, but I believe it was for the good, in many ways. I’m pleased that you liked being together with your family, it warms me. Your uncles from your dad’s side are all good men, each in their own strange way. I suspect you have your own strange way too. I only know mom, not her family. I like her, she’s genuine. I can’t deal with ingenuine, don’t have the time. You and brother encourage me, there is intelligent life out there. I think. Will write again. Blog on.

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