Red eye

Calgary airport- it’s been a while.

I was a putz going through security, unaware that my copious amount of coinage and sanitzer spray in the alto sax would set off the alarm. It wasn’t the laptop and iPod, through whatever coincidence allowed that to occur. I feel like that’s odd, somehow.

I keep thinking about driving home from work, and the one police van that turned on his siren to get into the turn lane, and then promptly turned it off. I remember doing that in “Police Quest”- hitting the siren just before a red light so I could drive on through without having it end my game. It was kind of amusing to see it in real life.

The last time I went to Nova Scotia was for Nanny’s 80th birthday. This is for her funeral.

I don’t know where my head’s at. Like the writing, it’s scattered, jumping from topic to topic, smashing out pithy one-liners and hoping they bring a smile or a chuckle, so I don’t have to think about the finality of it. I don’t feel like it’s sunk in. Maybe it will when we get there. Maybe I’m compartmentalizing, distracting myself from the reality of it. I could picture myself doing that. But then, I’m not the most unbiased judge at the moment.

Strength, God. That is all I ask. I get the sense we’ll need it.


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