Giddy-up go

Apparently I write here.

Smarter people than I informed me of this a short time ago, and made note of lack of said writing over the last little while. I, for one, was startled. People read this? Blogs on the interwebs? PREPOSTEROUS.

I don’t think I have anything long enough for a decent entry, so this might wander around some. I’ve got a lot of thoughts that aren’t necessarily in a row, arranged neatly to be looked at and approved of with knowing nods.

I’d have paid good money to have Micky in the room for the end of the Bengals/Broncos game last week. And not just because Gus Johnson may have spontaneously combusted on air making the call. A bunch of great finishes for the first week of the NFL, I’m excited to have my Sundays full of football again.

I’m often thinking about how things play out in the bigger picture, wondering about my own place and the place of others in the universe around me. Recent events around me have gotten me thinking about life and death, and what happens when we’re at the end of the line. Being a geek, I put it in Trek terms, with this quote from Star Trek 2 flashing through in my head: How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life, wouldn’t you say?” And I happen to agree with that… especially with someone close to us. I’ve been blessed in those terms, to have a stable family life, and friends who’ve always been with me. I’m very thankful for that.

Speaking of Star Trek, I watched Space’s original Star Trek marathon on Labour Day, with the remastered special effects, and really enjoyed it. Certainly, it was a lazy day in front of the television, and there’s some concessions made for the era, but I came away with a new appreciation for classic Trek, seeing more of the subtle-ties and intelligence that you don’t always see on the first glance, when you get caught up in the pastel colours and blocky bridge consoles and glamour shots of the token hot gal.

Shows I’ve got our PVR set to record: The Office, Castle, Dollhouse, 24,  with Mad Men and Stargate: Universe as possibilities with people recommending them to me, and Law and Order as another standby, though I only enjoyed some of their episodes last year. I don’t want to commit too many hours to TV with sports already getting a lot of my viewing time, but as someone with an interest in creative endeavours, I’m trying to expand my palette a teeeeeeeeny bit.

There really is nothing like barbecued burgers in September.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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