Let me stay here.

Let me see myself as I am, and God as He is.

Let me stay humbled, kneeled, bowed before Him. A man, imperfect, weeping over the full knowledge of my sin, but weeping also knowing that I posess the forgiveness and grace of God, even when I don’t deserve it. Let me know it in weakness, and in strength. At all times, and in all things.

Let me stay here, knowing this.

Let me know this alone, in my room, under cover of darkness and night, hands clasped before me. Let me know this together, with men, talking of times past and present, as we pray for each other. Let me remember this at church, in the pews worshipping, whether with hands raised or head down, merely staying in His presence, with His followers. Let me know this at work, at school, let it be a constant reminder to me, going through days and weeks, that I would cherish each one as it’s own, and not as one of so many before and after, with opportunities that will not come again.

Please let me stay here. Don’t let me forget this. Don’t let me get comfortable, and arrogant, and prideful, any of those things that will keep me from You. Let me have this. Let me always have this.


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