I’ve got other things to do, but not many that I’d rather be doing. BASEBALL! (* for wildcard)

American League:


1. Rays – The most progressive, forward thinking organization in baseball- got better enough in the offseason to address any ‘season after’ possibilities.

2. Sawx* – Great pitching throughout, a few questions in the lineup.

3. Yanks – Free agents are nice, but they’ve still got some holes.

4. Jays – You had to jinx it, JP- now there’s three behemoths in this division.

5. Orioles – Yuck.


1. Twins – Are always in it- will be a tight division.

2. Royals – Why not? With good youngsters, their bandwagon is growing.

3. Indians – Lee will be worse, the team is better.

4. Sox – Getting older, though the GM’s likely to make a move or three to continue combating that.

5. Tigers – That pitching staff needs to rebound for them to be good.


1. Angels – Mostly by default. 3 starters on the DL to start the season and STILL the best.

2. Rangers – Will win a lot of shootouts.

3. Mariners – Hernandez and Bedard a good one-two, losing Ibanez hurts more than they think.

4. As- More offense than last year, but a worse pitching staff than the Rangers.

National League


1. Phillies – The champs until someone proves otherwise.

2. Mets* – Bullpen’s shaped up, even if K-Rod has his inevitable downfall.

3. Braves – Very quietly had a nice offseason, could steal the wild card with the right breaks.

4. Marlins – Spunky, as usual, but too many good teams here.

5. Nationals – How’d it take that long to get rid of Bowden?


1. Cubs – Bradley and Pinella will rarely make for a quiet season, but should win this division easily.

2. Reds – Oodles of young talent, won’t be ahead by much.

3. Cardinals – If Chris Carpenter is still good, they could surprise.

4. Brewers – Losing CC and Sheets really hurts them.

5. Astros – Aging stars, with not much else.

6. Pirates – Nate McLouth should not have been a gold glover.


1. Dodgers – Let’s see if Manny stays happy.

2. D’backs – Lost some thump in the lineup, still have solid pitching.

3. Giants – Great young pitching (again), no hitting. Overpaid for a declining Renteria.

4. Rockies – Traded Holliday, definitely gearing up for 2010.

5. Padres – The worst team in the majors, especially when (not if, with the money troubles) they trade Peavy.


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