If facebook tells me to do something, I must

Those of you with Facebook will likely label me as being behind the times in doing a “25 things about me” list, and those of you without will decree me as a shameless trend follower. I submit to you that I am NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS. Nor am I some kind of maverick in holding out as long as I have. Dennis, for one, has not cracked. I don’t think. If he did, he kept it awful quiet.

In any case, this intrigued me more than most chain letter/list things because of the blog-esque aspects about it… this was tailor made for the internet, and it’s narcissistic ways.

Also, I said I wouldn’t do a list like this until 25 of my friends had done it, and I could just tag them back, thus forcing the chain in on itself. I’m smart that way.

Without further adieu, and with no particular rhyme or reason:

1. I like cereal in phases. I’ll eat one for a month or two, get tired of it, and not touch it for years. The lone exception is Raisin Bran Crunch, my faithful fall back option, and epitome of everything that is great about breakfast cereal.

2. Come to think of it, the “phase” idea could apply to a lot of things I eat for breakfast.

3. Growing up, I daydreamed about being in the Star Trek universe. Still do, actually.

4. I think U2 is overrated.

5. That doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

6. I consider myself a person who often “walks over dollars to find dimes”. I over-analyze the dumbest things, and miss the obvious in doing so.

7. Some of my best writing has come between the hours of midnight and 2 in the morning. I wish I could channel that, and move it to a more condusive time of day.

8. I wish I wasn’t as nice as I am.

9. I have the greatest friends and family of anyone I know.

10. I like talking with people one-on-one in cars, even if it seems to make me ramble.

11. I don’t think I have nearly as many useful skills as most people I know.

12. Unless you count Mario Brothers as a useful skill, in which case, I own y’all.

13. Or Rock Band drums.

14. My sports affiliations, in order of dedication at the moment: Steelers, Flames, Blue Jays, Pistons, Stampeders. That about covers the important ones.

15. I have cursed more playing Madden football than in every other life situation combined.

16. I’m not sure what that says about me.

17. My parents think I’m better with computers than I am. I’ve been faking it since about grade ten.

18. Two lines from “Out Of Gas” (Firefly) that never fail to hit me in the gut: “Everybody dies alone” and “Y’all gonna be here when I wake up?” Man…

19. Also, the courtroom scene in “Reign Over Me”.

20. I love Firefly. I don’t think I’ve ever loved any show like it before or since. Great characters, good episodes, and a compelling sci-fi/western universe. I’m not a Whedon-ite (never into Buffy or Angel, and “wait and see” on his odd-but-intriguing Dollhouse), but that show was perfect to me. If you don’t like Firefly, you can’t be my friend.

21. That’s a lie, you can, really. I’m smart enough to understand it’s not for everyone. But, seriously, watch it.

22. Games I have stayed up past 4 am playing, by myself: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: My Life As A King, Out Of The Park Baseball 9, Civilization II and IV, Earthbound.

23. I don’t think WoW counts if I played it with a guy after we came off the nightshift. Worst idea EVER. I was falling asleep against the keyboard as we did a dungeon together.

24. I love making references, remarks, and comments that are inside jokes. It delights me in ways I don’t understand. Probably because I’m a snob.

25. I feel like I’m still learning so much about myself, am still so self conscious and uncertain, even as I try to be better than I am.


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