We’re done now

So, back to this house.

We were beat last week, and resigned to going back and looking for a while. Which was fine, since Dennis and I aren’t in a place of any urgency. We’d LIKE to be on our own, but finances and situation made that impractical.

In any case, we’d put our offer out on the house in Canyon Meadows, and found ourselves on the lower side of another offer. But a funny thing happened on the way to inevitable defeat- the other buyer backed out after the inspection.

Now, we knew about two issues with the house when we went through it ourselves: that we’d probably have to replace the front window in a couple of years due to some damage on the trim, and possible issues with the ceiling in one of the rooms (it was done differently than every other, and seemed lower). But neither of these were dealbreakers- nothing structural was wrong, just cosmetic. Probably some paint and baseboard work as well, but that’s easy to fix.

But, the issue with the window was enough to spook our other buyer, who backed out after their inspection… so they came calling back to us on Thursday. After laughing maniacally for a good four and half minutes (’tis true, I clocked it), I chatted with the folks, and our real estate gal, on how to proceed.

There was some debate- do we try and grind ’em a little more, take money off our max bid, or come in at the same? My initial instinct when our real estate gal Margaret called was to come back in at the same level, and after talking it over with everyone, that’s what we did. We knew about the window before, and we didn’t think our inspection (which is happening Monday) would turn up anything more. If it DOES turn up anything serious, we back out, of course, but after playing chicken and phone tag with offers over Thursday and Friday, we got the official acceptance of our offer this morning.

The champagne’s coming off the ice in short order, I figure.


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