We’re not done yet

So Dennis and I put an offer in on a house today.

We’ve been looking at moving out off-and-on for a while, with the roadblocks being money; with me taking classes, and timing; with the market being HOLY MOLY IS THAT REALLY THE PRICE?. But one of the few advantages of the recent downturn is that the housing market is much better.

Dad and I have been keeping tabs on some prospects the last few months- he found a real estate agent named Margaret who’s been sending us houses in our price range and in areas of the city we liked. Good lady, Margaret- knows her stuff, and not pressuring one way or the other.

We went through five houses last weekend, and found one we really liked. The irony was, this was the cheapest of the bunch, far and away. But the consensus between the four of us that went (Dennis missed on account of work) was that this was worth looking at again. Good location, in Canyon Meadows, great price.

We came back Monday evening with Dennis, and his assessment squared with ours. Some cosmetic work on the inside to be done- painting, baseboards- but this is all stuff we can do easily. The pieces were good.

So we decide to make an offer- Margaret came over this afternoon, brought the paperwork for me to sign (that’s an experience that really has to be… well, EXPERIENCED), and we said we’d get Dennis to sign and give it back to her to fax to the sellers tomorrow morning. At this point, we felt pretty good about our chances.

Earlier this evening, Margaret calls, and says there are two groups going through second showings tonight, and wants to get the offer in ASAP. I play phone tag with her and Dennis, arrange a rendezvous. Dennis informs me that if I’d been fifteen minutes quicker, I could have gotten him the whole evening, which is neither here nor there but amused some small part of both of us.

Dennis comes home, and at about seven-ish, Margaret’s got his signature, and is going to fax it in.

Mom and Dad both asked me at separate times if I was excited, and I think it was a cautious “yes” both times, probably for exactly a case like this, where we possibly get outbid. I didn’t want to let myself get attached to this house… that’ll cause me to get off the gameplan, and the numbers we’ve worked through.

I’m not putting a number on our chances… the financing is strong (a nod to the aforementioned Mom and Dad, HUGE assist on this), but with other interested parties, it’s less than it was at three this afternoon.

But I’m keeping the champagne on ice, just in case.


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