Jock itch (of a sort)

Got a few sports notes I need to get off my chest:

The Pistons traded Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson- thumbs up on this move from me. Might blow up chemistry wise, but Iverson is a true superstar, something the Pistons have never really had. And he’s hungry for a ring… and that urgency is something the Pistons have lacked the last few years. The dropped the first couple of games with him, but they’re rounding into form… they’re working the Lakers tonight, Iverson is tormenting Derek Fisher, and Kwame Brown is showing why he was once the #1 pick on the draft. Not that I expect that ever again this year, but if they can bring it out more often…

Watched the Thursday night NFL game… Jets won 34-31, great finish to the game. One thing both Dad and I noticed… Bill Belichick went for it on fourth down, late in the first half, down 24-6, well inside FG range… a very, very strange call. And the guys calling the game on the NFL Network don’t so much as mention it. The margin of victory for the Jets: Three points. If Tom Cable of the Raiders does this, he’s skewered in the media, and on the street the next day. Belichick did the same thing in the Super Bowl (going for it on fourth down inside FG range) without a lot of criticism… why is he getting a pass here?

The Flames are as consistent as bad mashed potatoes… goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff embodies this team, very Jekkyl and Hyde in their play. Thumbs up to most of the newcomers, though Jim Vandermeer and Andre Roy don’t seem to add any value. And I’d still be very happy with a Flames team that was less Mike Keenan and Todd Bertuzzi.

I need to drive my parents to the airport at an early hour tomorrow, so I will bid you good night/morning/whatever time it is where you are


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