Rod Black makes me angry

During the Jays game tonight, announcer Rod Black decided to talk about the Jays’ remote wild card hopes. The following sequence occurred:

(Graphic of the standings, showing the Jays 7 games behind the Red Sox for the wild card playoff berth)
 Rod: “Again, the chances are remote because the Jays have so many teams to vault over, and they’re all playing each other. The numbers don’t really play out…”

Me (thinking): Ok, pablum, but fine. Rod’s not reinventing the wheel with that, and maybe Pat (Tabler, the analyst) can get a good response.

Rod: “…You have to be a whiz at Sudoku to figure this out.”

Me: *head explodes*

What does Sudoku have to do with the Jays making the playoffs? Does he have any idea of how to play that game? Why would… how… Guh.

The conclusion: Rod Black makes me angry.


One thought on “Rod Black makes me angry

  1. mickyo

    I was watching too. It’s worse than you think. The Blue Jays don’t need to pass a bunch of teams, they only need to pass Minnesota and Boston. If they can make up 7 games on Boston (the team every Blue Jays fan has been following all week), it is almost certain they can make up 1.5 on Minnesota. And, they don’t play each other, so that was untrue too. It made me angry as well. Why doesn’t TSN let Jamie Shannon do their games? I like him. On the bright side, they haven’t hired Rance Mullinicks. Micky

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