I know it’s one game, and a poor excuse for a blog entry, but…


Watched some of the Thursday night opener… that Redskins offense redefines ‘terrible’.

Also, I have a friendly wager with Micky on the Packers performance this year- we were talking NFL at wings on Tuesday, and were in disagreement on how the Pack would do this year. I thought they would still be good, if not as much so as last year, and Micky seemed to think they’re due for a fall with mustachioed legend Aaron Rodgers taking over at QB.

I made the comment that “they could go 5-1 in their division”. suspecting they’d finish around 10-6 or 11-5 overall. Micky disagreed, and suggested putting ten wings and a coke on it- if they’re 4-2 or better in their own division, I win, and 3-3 or worse, he gets it.

I like my Steelers to take the AFC North… Cleveland’s set up for a disappointing year with the injury to Derek Anderson, and the heightened expectations that accompany their strong finish. And the Ravens and Bengals are headed in the other direction.

Aw, heck, let’s do standings! *s for wildcard!

AFC East:
1) New England
2) Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo (Toronto?) Bills
4) I’m not the first one to realize the irony of someone named ‘Tuna’ running the Dolphins

AFC North
1) Pittsburgh
2) Hold up, guys, I’m taking the Browns to the Super Bowl!
3) Marvin Lewis will be fired or quit at the end of the season (Cincy)
4) Quote the Ravens… nevermore

AFC South
1) Peyton Manning needs to be in more commercials (Colts)
2) Jacksonville*
3) Tennessee
4) Houston

AFC West
1) San Diego
2) Denver, led by ‘The Ultimate Leader’ Mike Shanahan*
3) Neither Oakland or Kansas City deserves to be here. They’re both terrible.
4) Oakland and Kansas City

NFC East
1) I’ve forgotten who Tony Romo is dating, please remind me (Cowboys)
2) Philadelphia*
3) Your defending Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants!
4) Seriously, their offense is HIDEOUS (Washington)

NFC North
1) Aaron Rodgers and the Pack
2) Adrian Peterson and the Vikings*
3) Deeeeeetroit football
4) Da Bears

NFC South
1) N’awlins
2) Team Of The Old (Tampa Bay)
3) Carolina
4) I think the “Matt Ryan is going to suck” bandwagon is slowly gaining steam, Micky. You must be happy. (Atlanta)

NFC West
1) Seattle wants the ball, and is going to score
2) ‘Zona
3) San Francisco
4) What used to be ‘The Greatest Show On Turf’ is now dispersed throughout the rest of this division- Warner on the Cardinals, Martz and Bruce on the ‘9ers… what’s left? Nuttin. (Rams)



2 thoughts on “I know it’s one game, and a poor excuse for a blog entry, but…

  1. Zera82

    It’s been interesting to see how much people back up the Tennessee Volunteers around here.  Orange and white all over the place!  I swear some people have those colors in their blood around here.  Seeing flags on people’s houses and plates and other adornments to vehicles for the Vol’s around here is as common as seeing stuff for the Flames around Calgary.

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