Ramble on

Been a quiet couple of months, this might bounce around a bit.

Unconditional love is Biblical- it is, in it’s most basic form, to love without any condition or reservations. It’s a lot like faith that way, since faith is often belief in the absence of proof, sometimes in the face of evidence in the other direction.

I’ve gotten a lesson in unconditional love recently. It’s not enough for me to love unconditionally, I must accept it as well.

Real intimacy scares me, I think, and that’s part of why I have a hard time accepting the principle of unconditional love. I think ‘what if they saw my struggles’, the entirety of what made me, would they still accept me? And I was never really sure of the answer.

I’m working at a bank, where I handle a lot of money, and it’s amazing how quickly you lose the connection to it’s value when you handle it all day. I’m not at all surprised at how well they track every transaction, and the cash itself- money is SERIOUS BIDNESS. Also, don’t rob a bank.

Matt asked me what I thought about Cito Gaston returning to the Jays the other week when we were helping Micky move, and I think my response was “I’m going to wait and see”. With some time to reflect, I’m on board with it. Gaston had a loaded team during the Jays glory years in the 90s- they were the Yankees of their heyday in terms of spending- but the team was too complacent under Gibbons in recent times. Their main problem this year was hitting, and if their’s one thing Cito knows, it’s hitting. So, yeah, thumbs up from this cynic. Figure he’ll be around for this year and the next (even if the GM gets canned), and that’ll be it.

That’s it for now.


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