Thoughts on movies

I talked before about the luxury of owning a PVR box (thank the folks for having one of those), and being able to pull movies I haven’t seen off cable to watch at a later time. I’ve also discovered I can set it up to record TV series- which I’m now doing with The Office (though I’m missing about two seasons worth in the middle) and Law and Order (which I watched by accident again a few weeks ago, and discovered that I liked it again). I think I might do it for House, though I occasionally have trouble getting through an entire episode. That’s a ton of snark, even for me.

So anyway, I wanted to briefly talk about the movies I’d seen. I remarked to Dad that I have trouble really enjoying movies now, as my tendency is to analyze them when I’m done. I’ll say “it was good, but…” to nearly everything I’ve watched. Given my fondness for words, this could go anywhere.

Gladiator: Liked it. Entertaining historical epic, though they tried to build it up a little too much at times. Though after watching 300, I suppose I should give this one a break.

Blood Diamond: Intense. VERY intense. Even without Micky’s warning in the comments when I mentioned it last time (see the link above), I’d probably have trouble taking any “facts” in here with more than a grain of salt, given how the story was slanted. Still, in terms of a straight story, they don’t come more hard hitting than this. Not recommended for the faint of heart, there’s a lot of blood and violence.

Syriana: A political thriller with it’s share of action, this isn’t light viewing. You have to be paying attention, or you might miss something important. After I commented to him about the roles in this movie, Dennis made the remark that ” (George) Clooney and (Matt) Damon should have switched”. Having seen it, I would disagree (he hasn’t seen it).  A lot of name actors (though Clooney is downright unsettling with a beard and a belly). I enjoyed it, though given his political interest- mostly that he IS interested- I thought Dennis would enjoy it more.

Reign Over Me: Really, really good. Some head-scratching scenes and story choices, but overall, a powerful, dramatic story, that hooked me and didn’t let go. Adam Sandler (yes, you read that right) gives some of his finest work as a man who lost his family in 9/11, and has shut everyone out of his life as a result. I recommended it to Mom, who I thought would like it, though there are a couple of spots I’ll have to give her a heads-up on.

I’m tired, so I’m tying this off here.


One thought on “Thoughts on movies

  1. Shnuff

    Too late for an edit, so I’m putting it in comments.Also saw The Departed. Great movie, though the end felt strangely unsatisfying after what had been a litany of twists and turns. Damon and Dicaprio are great, playing off each other the whole time. I highly recommend it.I did think there was way too much cussing. I understand setting atmosphere and grittiness and tone, I just think you do that as much with acting and setting the scene well. It detracted from the experience for me. I would send this to wannabe scriptwriters and say “this is how you overdo it.” Come to think of it, a lot of the writing seemed to communicate excess (pretty much every scene Jack Nicholson was in), but when you find yourself saying, “alright, get to it already” that’s probably a bad sign.Still, great movie, assuming you can stomach the language.

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