Conversation starters

Mom’s going to a Flames game tomorrow night, hobnobbing with higher ups in a press box or some such. She asked for some good conversation starters, since she wanted to be able to follow some of any in-game chatter, and possibly provide some.

I gave her a few general ones- questions like “What do you think of Kristian Huselius’ benching/Mike Keenan’s coaching?”, and commenting on the addition of Cujo as a backup goalie the team could trust, as well as a win clinching a playoff spot- something Dad and I are going to confirm tomorrow morning, since neither of us was completely sure.

Both of these led to longer conversations with Dad on those subjects, especially the Huselius benching. We both concurred on the stupidity of having our second leading scorer ride the pine, for more of those third-line guys who can’t score. Sure, he’s not physical. But don’t we need lots of different types of players on a team? Don’t the Flames have enough grit with him in the lineup? Is the object not to score more goals than the other team?

I debated feeding her misinformation, but Dad and I both laughing at our fake lines blew most of the jokes (and she saw through most of the obvious ones). Among the gems:

“We need to trade for Crosby.”
“Anders Erikson is good, but he’s no Andrew Ference.” (this one’s for Micky)
“Roman Turek was the best goalie we’ve had in a while. What happened to him?”
“Mike Keenan needs to be fired immediately.” (Still on the “Fire Keenan” bandwagon, baby)

And various quips about the return of the Young Guns, pining for the days of Andrew Cassels and Cory Stillman. Though the current ownership probably wouldn’t appreciate that, that’s one Flames fans of a slightly less recent vintage might appreciate.

Also: Go Flames, go!


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