This is what happens when you’re up early on a Saturday. Well, one of several things in this case, but the need to put thoughts to paper is pre-eminent among them in this scenario, with a cluttered mind aching for release.

There are times I wish I wasn’t as good a writer as I am. Or, more so, that I was better at expressing myself in person than I am in this space, behind a keyboard, a screen, with a backspace key and various other filters. That I didn’t come here and express things so clearly, and get in front of people I know and love and choke on the words that flow so easily in writing, or smile and laugh instead of expressing what’s really important.

Frail” has long been my favorite Jars of Clay song, and I’ve been listening to it as I write here. I love the instrumentation, I love the lyrics, I love how it relates to my fears and weaknesses and doubts, of which I have so many. It’s certainly what I’ll call ‘mood music’, but it’s great music.

I have a church meeting in an hour, and need to cut through the distraction, the worries, the doubts, the fears, and focus on the task which He has set me on. And just as when I face those I love, mouth open with no words speaking, I don’t know if I can.


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