There’s no business like show business

Gonna bring it down a little bit for this next one. Something slightly less than a novella, though perhaps no less heavy for it’s content.

Having one of those times again, where I want to make everything stop for a bit. Luckily, I’ve got a week off to do just that. Whether anything will actually come of it… well, we’ll see. Might go for a run today.

Knocking off sports now- Jason Kidd back to Dallas? Wooooow. Dallas needed to make a move, the way that team was scarred after last year’s first round exit, but I’m not convinced this will put them over the top. They’re in better shape to get a ring this year, but two, three years from now, they could be Miami again. Well, not THAT bad, but they gave up a lot of young guys, cap space and draft picks.

Much as I want to be that guy who was right about Mike Keenan, I’m getting more convinced that any problems the Flames have had of late are less him and more the players, who seem collectively to be complacent, even if individually their character is beyond reproach. A trade or three might shake things up a little, and perhaps higher up than spare parts, which is Sutter’s usual play. But we’ll see. Looks like we’ll be right about where we were last year, though…. lower half of the West, first round exit. But without a real Keenan blow-up, which would be a startling surprise, especially with the team’s inconsistency.

Still haven’t spent the gift card Alex got me for Christmas to Future Shop. I’m waiting until Smash Brothers Brawl comes out for Wii in March, it’s going towards that. If I can hold out, anyway. But I’m not buying games as much anymore, even with the investment in the Wii last year. My laptop can’t handle all the new stuff, and I only do sports game with a sprinkling of strategy or RPGs anyway (and the Nintendo franchises, of course. Total sucker for those). Though Future Shop would be one of those stores I walk into and see something neat, and go and buy it.

Another one of my weaknesses is for wireless and laptop stuff. If it’s small, and portable, and computer related, I’ll probably look at it and ooo and aaah for a bit. I may not have needed a wireless mouse, but dangit, it’s cool. I’m not a fan of Macs (FLAME ON, KEN), but that Macbook Air commercial where they take it out of the envelope gets me every time.

A smattering of moments that contributed to my desire for a wrench, or in some cases summarize the amount of startling change I seem to have been privy to of late:

1) Walking into Pottery Barn for the first time, with Kim (and not being consciously aware that I was IN Pottery Barn for several seconds after entering).
2) Getting an invitation to a Budget meeting at church, on behalf of College and Careers. Definitely a ‘What exactly am I in for?’ moment.
3) Listening to everyone around me sing “The World That I Know” during the Collective Soul concert.
4) Watching the Giants win the Super Bowl. Love the underdog, baby.
5) I actually don’t have a fifth, four just seemed like an awkward number. And the subject seemed to be changing.

I love reading week.


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