Anchorman/300, the Giants, and Rock Band

I talked about an fake Anchorman trailer with audio from 300 dubbed over it on Saturday night- here it is, folks. If you’ve seen both movies, it’s great, though just one would be enough to make it worth a chuckle, knowing that these two movies couldn’t be more different. The timing on the audio and scene cuts is really impressive, and what makes this work as well as it does.

I think I’ve picked against the Giants either in pools or in my head all of the last six weeks, and have been wrong five times (though they gave the Patriots a run in the season finale). This Superbowl already has a vague Rams/Pats vibe from a few years ago- football fans, you know what I’m talking about. This times, it’s the Patriots playing the role of the heavy favourite, but I don’t think they’ll make the same mistake the high-powered Rams did those few years ago. Still, the Giants seem out to prove everyone wrong. Nah.

Had the chance to play Rock Band this weekend, and came away very impressed. I only just tried the Guitar Hero series for the first time a couple of weeks ago (though I remember MikeP linking Frets on Fire a while back, which I played a little of), and enjoyed it, as I expected I would. But I figured Rock Band would take that experience to a whole other level, and was very excited to see that.

And yes, wonder of wonders, it is impossibly fun, and best enjoyed in a group. With a bunch of us there, we were able to rotate between instruments and voice, and try the different songs and modes. It is definitely a party game (in your own house, I  would not recommend it for apartments), though you do have to do some solo stuff to unlock songs. Which I believe the principal owner may well be doing right now.

Between singing, guitars and drums, I found drums the most difficult, but also the most fun (and the most noisy- the sticks make a ton of noise when they hit the pads). Singing, surprisingly, was probably the easiest- or perhaps the most forgiving- though most of the songs were ones that we were at least modestly familiar with. The guitar- well, you know the guitar. It rocks out, man. Everyone loves the guitar, and you can pick between guitar or bass part before you play the song. The fourth player would also have a guitar, I believe, and I’m not sure if they’d have the option to choose with two guitars.

There weren’t a ton of songs to start with, which makes sense, since it encourages people to unlock and/or buy more. We did get really tired of “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer (which became the most appropriate song title in existence by the time we stopped playing) and “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. In one of the modes, you don’t always pick the songs.

Another comment was that this game wasn’t necessarily one you could do for days in a row- even rotating singers as often as we did (we had trouble finding someone who wanted to sing, though I think it was mostly people getting over singing in front of other people), we had some sore throats by the end of it. Though we put in a lot of time on it by the end of the day, so it could have been the whole “first day with the new game” thing.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend at least trying it at some point if you get the chance, since it’s great fun. Dennis and I agreed we’d probably hit up a Wii version if it ever happens, even at a (gulp) $190ish price tag, which comes with the game, a miniature drum kit, a microphone, and a guitar (they’re like the GH ones). I’d say it’s a worthwhile investment if you have an Xbox360 or PS3 and friends who’ve enjoyed Guitar Hero, or have fake musical aspirations. But do so after careful consideration- and only if you’re going to get some mileage out of it. If someone you know has it, I’d just play with them.


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