Across the board

So, I’m off the mat, in a manner of speaking. I didn’t think it would feel like this. But then, with no frame of reference, how could I know?

Kipper needs to sit more. If he’s struggling (which he is this year), shouldn’t he be getting fewer starts? What does running him out there every day do, outside of ensure a first round exit because of a tired goalie?

Though the Western Conference is mediocre enough (something like five points separating 2nd  from 8th at one point this week) that one or two wins could make a difference. Still, I think at some point a tired Kipper is worse than a rested McElhinney or Joseph. And what good’s winning the division if you exit in the first round?

Watching the Pistons tune the Raptors the other day, I came to the conclusion that Andrea Bargnani needs a heart transplant. He’s got no fire right now.

Speaking of the Flames former backup goalie (whose name I will not attempt again), why was he brought up if he wasn’t going to play every now and again? I know Kipper’s going to be playing a ton of games when it’s all said and done, but 47 out of 48? That’s unheard of, especially with him not being as good as he has been.

Outside of that, I can’t find a ton to gripe about for the Flames. Iggy and Huselius are having great years, and the team is right about where they were last year (which is about where I expected them to be with the offseason acquisitions, before they hired The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named). The defensemen are overrated- Regehr’s easily the best of the bunch, but the inconsistent Phaneuf gets the time and the press- but they’re starting to sort themselves out. And they’ve found some good young forwards in Boyd, Nystrom, and Moss.

I actually remembered to make a sandwich for lunch today last night, and then forgot it at home. Durrrrr.

The Jays trading Troy Glaus for Scott Rolen caught my eye the other day. Looking at the numbers, this seems like a lateral move, but losing Glaus’ connection to steroids and injury problems with Toronto’s turf could be invaluable. Most  of the pundits think the Jays ran away with this trade, but we’ll see. Rolen has a history with injuries as well, and his power seems to have declined in recent years, though he can still pick it with the glove. Also, he’s under contract for one more year than Glaus… don’t know how much that factored in.

Is it just me, or are the majority of movies out in theatres right now mediocrity? People keep trying to sell me on “I Am Legend”, but I just don’t get that. Wanted to see “Charlie Wilson’s War” tonight, but when that didn’t work, there was nothing there that was remotely appealing (though I could picture myself watching “Bucket List” if I wandered into it on TV).  If I’m going to spend ten bucks on a movie, I want to enjoy it, dangit.

I think that’s all.


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