Maybe stars know why we fall

 Someone explained the term “freewriting” to me last night in a chat. Essentially, it’s to just write without worrying about what it’s about, where it’s supposed to go, or any kind of structure like that.

When she brought it up, it made me realize that I do miss blogging, since that was, in part, the purpose of this (outside of an easier way for me to communicate with the outside world than one-on-one conversations that I have occasional trouble with).

Like before, I’m not promising anything, other than the occasional release of a rambling mind.


I start classes again on Monday. That hasn’t quite sunk in.

I’m MCing a wedding reception tomorrow. That hasn’t either, despite the amount of time I’ve spent this week in preparation for it. I’m not nervous, or anxious, or worried. I don’t know if I’m completely confident (some of the names are still throwing me, but I’ll get ’em), but I’m not stressing over it. I think that’s good, but I’m not sure.

The New Year has a way of bringing a reflective mood on one. I’ve never been much for resolutions, though whether that’s a function of distaste or a way of avoiding disappointment if/when I don’t reach them is something I haven’t determined. Though I’m thinking a lot, so I don’t need a new year to look back and see the things I’d like to do differently.

Someone threw a cold splash of water on a particular problem recently. It was jarring, and I found myself at a loss for words in the conversation. Intellectually, I knew what they were saying was right. That I couldn’t really sit and let this ‘thing’ continue to fester. But as I’ve said before, knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things for me- especially someone like me, prone to overthinking and working all the angles, to the point where actual action can become so overwhelming as to paralyze. I don’t seek to justify or rationalize this paralysis, just explain it.

We may be coming to a decision point on that, though, so we’ll see what happens.

Should be a good reception tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Maybe stars know why we fall

  1. xstarfall

    Hey Dave, I just wanted to say that I overanalyze things too and I think it’s a good habit to get out of. If we have to take chances in life (and we’ve been told often enough that we do), I’d say it’s best to do it now, while we’re still young!

  2. mickyo

    Keep on writing, I enjoy reading your page Dave. I’d encourage you to do the freewriting thing, either here or in something only you will ever read. Hopefully you can figure things out with the situation you mention. Speaking of writing, I am still looking for the Flames rant…Micky

  3. Shnuff

    Heh, just don’t have the juice for the Flames rant right now, Mick, no matter how bad it gets. It occurs to me that I haven’t watched nearly enough games to merit a good rant, so I think that’s on the back burner until I get more informed or motivated. Appreciate the comments from both of you. You are the wind beneath my wings.-DaveC

  4. Shnuff


  5. Shnuff

    Also, it wasn’t Streisand that sang that song (Dad corrected me on this, so you can stow those smarmy remarks right now, dangit), it was Bette Milder.-DaveC

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