You can skip this one safely

Sorry, not a real entry here, just a little tidbit to mention that Collective Soul is coming to Calgary, February 6th to Flames Central. They were down to “Standing Room Only” tickets by the time I figured this out last weekend, but that didn’t stop me from procuring a pair for Dennis and myself.

The upside of that is if anyone does want to join us (and I think I’ve got some CS fans among my readers) we don’t need to co-ordinate locations for tickets, if I understand that correctly. Though we will want to get there early (Doors open at 8 pm? Really? Wow).

Being in the journalism course has drained some of my blogging juices, since I spend a lot of time at the comp writing for that and my other non-school activities anyway. I had a nice rant on the Flames, but I don’t think I’ve got the energy for it now. Keenan’s a problem, but far from the only one.

Might get an update or two before Christmas, but we’ll see. Catch ya later.


6 thoughts on “You can skip this one safely

  1. Shnuff

    Fourth in the division, with everyone else having points or games in hand? Yeah, that’s a huge improvement.The turnaround (such as it is) is more Kipper than Keenan from here, though.-DaveC

  2. mickyo

    The problem was Kiprosoff, now that he is playing better they are winning.  Keenan was never the problem.  His only mistake was waiting so long to call out Kiprosoff publicly. 
    As for the team, they have a chance to tie an NHL record for consecutive wins on the same road trip.  This is the most successful road trip since Superman left Krypton.  I don’t know what your standards of excellence are, but as good as any other team ever is good enough for me. 

  3. Shnuff

    Yeah, I can’t really argue against their recent success without sounding bitter or stupid, though I will argue against Keenan calling Kiprusoff out in the media being the reason for his improvement. That kind of draconian tactic should have gone out with players not wearing helmets, and will harm the relationship in the long run. It should have been handled privately. And despite my Keenan hate, I do want the Flames to win. I’m just not convinced they will with someone who hasn’t been to the playoffs in ten years helming the team.Really good pull on the Superman line. I think you have to use that elsewhere.This week’s surprising stat: Adrian Aucoin has a better plus/minus than Dion Phaneuf.-DaveC

  4. mattsheldrake

    Just to keep the debate burning, the Flames’ record was smouldering at just about even with the same point last year. At 35 games, the Flames were 17-14-4 (38 pts) in 2006/07, as compared to 17-13-5 (39 pts) this year. Both years featured the Flames heating up for 6 game win streaks somewhere in there. So, Playfair definitely wasn’t any colder than Keenan by this point. As well, the current Flames are 104-104 in the GF/GA category while the 06/07 Flames were 101-91, so hotter on that point for sure. Kipper had 4 shutouts by this time last year, this year he has none. Whether or not the current Flames can get fired up at home is key. At this point, last year’s Flames were 12-4-1 at home and 5-10-3 away, while this year’s group is 7-7-4 at home and 10-6-1 on the road.

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