Hey folks. Some quasi-major news on the Church family front, so I thought I’d share it with you in blog form.

Our parents are moving back from Saskatoon to Calgary. Mom applied for a new job within Scotiabank, something a little different than she’s done historically. You’d have to ask her about more specific details about that, since I’ve gone and forgotten most of them.

We found out Friday evening, around the end of the Jays game. Dennis answered the phone, so he found out first. I remember being distracted first when he said, “Hey, Dad,” and then started reacting to whatever it was Dad was saying. As they were visiting on Sunday, I was immediately curious as to why they’d called, and had a couple of theories on what it might be as I watched Halladay cough up some hits in the ninth:

1) They’re moving- not necessarily back here, since there was a possibility that Mom would end up going to Ontario first with her job, but this seemed the most likely from Dennis’ restrained reactions.
2) Someone’s getting married. Another tell off Dennis’ reaction, but I couldn’t think of anyone in Dad’s family who would be, and if it was on Mom’s side, she’d have been the one calling (and thus, the one greeted first by Dennis).

So we did the ‘conference call’ thing eventually, as the Jays started hacking up the lead (I was at least a little anxious to be away from the TV at that point), and we got filled in on the details. Mom will be in and out of Calgary for a while as she straddles both jobs, and Dad’s probably going to take care of stuff in Saskatoon while the house gets sold there. It’s not final, but it sounds like they’re targeting being back around December. And, yes, they do want their house back.

It makes zero sense financially or logistically for Dennis or I to move
out, so we’re going to be under the same roof with our parents until at
least the summer, I think. I lose the “master suite”, with it’s big
mirror and bigger bedroom, going downstairs.

This ties into another side effect: Alex will have to move out, and I
do feel bad about that, since this has kind of been sprung on him. He’d
discussed moving into a place with his sister and Josh, and I imagine
this might expedite the process somewhat, since he’s on a deadline.
Still, I’ll miss having him around, and hope he does find a place.

I love my parents, but I’ll admit to having mixed feelings regarding their coming back. It’ll be cool to have them around again, rather than having to take a six hour drive or one hour flight to see them. At the same time, I’d gotten used to living on my own. So I don’t know how it’ll be, being under the same roof with them.

Strangely- and I remember making this same point to Mom and Dad on Sunday- I think I’m more comfortable with the idea of living with them now than I might have been when we moved out initially, now that I’ve had the experience of living on my own, away from the folks. Being an adult has helped cure any prejudice about the idea (and purile jokes), though I’m not naive enough to believe that it won’t be tricky at times.

That’s all I can remember. I welcome inquiries (on blog or off blog) as to more, and Dennis will of course correct me on any details I’ve missed or misrepresented. But I thought y’all would like to know, as this has been on my mind quite a bit of late.


2 thoughts on “NEWZ

  1. no_wings

    We (the Desjarlais clan) knew something was up. It’ll be nice to have your parents closer, but I think living with them will be a real adjustment for you guys. I will for sure pray that the adjustment would come easily. Also, I’ll for sure pray that Alex gets a new place. Blessings!

  2. Zera82

    No kidding,I’ve been on my own for nearly a year and I love it. I’d love to invite the group up here one of these days but alas Dalhousie seems a wee bit out of the way for some. Hope everything goes ok!

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