I know why they call it pigskin, but it’s still disgusting

Men of the BBC Connection, cringe as one. I love how the announcer describes it.

So it’s football season, of both the CFL and NFL variety. Though I love going to Stampeders games (thanks to Ryan and Trisha for treating us to the labour day game today, in fact), and appreciate the offensive variety of the CFL, I enjoy the NFL much more.

Being the geek/jock hybrid I am, I’m in my fantasy league and picks pool again, fresh off winning two weeks in the picks pool last year. I remember making NFL predictions somewhere, and butchering those nicely (but really, did anyone have the Saints being as good as they were?). I kind of wanted to do a post on that, but I don’t think I’ve got the energy right now.

Classes start tomorrow, and I figure I’m ready. Alex has another week of work, and Dennis is working until he can take his post-production course in January, so for a week, I’ll be the only one hitting the books. Irony is there, after the longest time where it was Dennis and Alex going to class and me bringing the bacon (or produce, as it where) when I worked at Safeway.

Did I work there for four and a half years? The calender says yes. Time flew, but I’ll tell ya, I was NOT having fun. Usually.

I’ve my share of regrets, despite being chock full of pithy quotes about not having them, but none of them have to do with work. I accept my time there as being part of my development- if I didn’t work at Safeway, didn’t spend two years in computer science, didn’t do this or that, I wouldn’t be me. And I like me, most days. Certainly more than I used to.

Nutshots, pigskin, and self-evaluation, all in the same post. Good pull, good pull.


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