Of timing and inspiration

EDIT: Bad code, or bad memory, take your pick. Probably the latter.

Strangest thing- woke up about quarter to four this morning, absolutely wide-eyed awake. After repeated attempts to return to sleep, I find myself here, full of wandering thoughts that need to be put to paper, a mug of tea sitting nearby.

Brand spankin’ new Collective Soul is always a cause for celebration. Right now, it’s only at Target (grrr) or on ITunes (yay!). Close to my birthday, so I may have to resist the temptation to get it. I’ve heard the single, Hollywood, which is kinda meh, but the track on their website, New Vibrations, is pretty kickin’. Hopefully the album is more the latter than the former.

I was surprised to read a Foxsports.com article recently that had the Blue Jays as being the best defensive team in baseball, according to a couple of modern measurements. When you think about it, they have at least good defenders at most positions- pretty much everywhere except third base (And Troy Glaus is better than a lot of people give him credit for). It’s too bad they haven’t put the pitching or the hitting together consistently all year. That offense, for all the hype, really hasn’t been good, and would be worse if not for a turn-back-the-clock year from Matt Stairs.

It’s been less than a week, but I already miss working with Ahub. NEWBERRYPORTBLUESPIDERMANDAVE just isn’t the same when he’s not around. Hope you’re enjoying the road trip, man.

I go back to school on Tuesday, but it hasn’t quite hit home yet. Schedules and dates and ensuring that I have enough pens to supply a small army haven’t been enough to remind me that yes, summer is over. Maybe I just don’t dread it nearly as much any more.

I’m finding that I’m starting to understand my parents more, which is a simultaneously humbling, enabling, and irritating experience. The world is not nearly as simple a place as I wished it was.

And I’ve managed to pilfer not one, but two MC gigs at wedding receptions over the next little while, for two good friends. I’ve gotten this question a lot, so I’ll answer it here: I don’t picture myself doing something like that as a paid job, if just because doing it for friends makes it that much easier for me. Yeah, total cheeseball answer, but it applies here. I really don’t think I could invest myself in it for people I don’t know.

I’ve found it strange that I seem to be good behind a mike, because I remember being terrified of public speaking growing up, to the point where I avoided it however I could, even not turning in an assignment during elementary school to duck being in front of the class. Truth be told, I do still get very anxious when I’m alone, and it hits me that I am going to talk in front of people oh goodness WHAT WILL I SAY?. I remember being almost physically ill one evening the week before Mike and Leah’s wedding, when I was planning and practicing, and the enormity of the task ahead struck me in a particular way.

One quote kept coming back to me that week, and still does when I think about it: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of fear.” I can’t remember who did it- I know Mark Twain said something similar, but it was phrased differently. I like how that one reads.

And my tea is cold. Dangit.


3 thoughts on “Of timing and inspiration

  1. Emmetovich

    I am sure you will do a great job of MC at both weddings. You’d better…or else…
    Just kidding. We love you, man, and are looking forward to the comedy stylings of Dave Church Live.

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