Like rebranding, except less expensive

Hey folks. I’ve been fooling around with colours and pictures again, as I tend to on occasion.

Dad was giving me guff for not doing a blog post in a while, so I’ll throw out a bone to the two of you who still pop by, looking for the wit and wisdom of me. Some sports stuff, but I’ll try and give a little “this is what’s happening with me” as well.

I’ve developed my first allergy, and have no idea what it is. Itchy, irritated eyes and the ol’ runny nose are the symptoms of choice. The eyes occasionally get bad enough that I cannot keep them open for long, and have to wait to drive home. I’ve missed a couple of half-days on account of these symptoms, and have yet to accurately determine the cause. Benadryl usually shoos it away, but it takes a bit to kick in, and that’s a miserable half hour when it gets bad.

My first thought was paint, but it’s happened on days where I haven’t touched paint, and I figure we’d be much worse off than irritated eyes were that the case, since I come home most days with a lot of paint on my hands. Andrew‘s theory was dogs, but it has occured on days where I haven’t been around dogs. So the working theory right now is seasonal, or some kind of dust or plant allergy, and it comes and goes. Which is annoying, since I’d like to be able to pin it on one particular thing (and a friend who works at an allergist’s office mentions they’re booking into next year, which doesn’t really help me in figuring it out now) The work’s going well enough otherwise, though.

So there’s a crooked ref in the NBA? Really?

It’s bad when my first reaction is sarcasm, but I’ve found my interest in pro basketball flagging the last few years. Part of it is a lack of support among peers outside of Dennis (though watching the playoffs with Micky was uber-fun- must be a group thing), but I just haven’t found it as entertaining as I used to.

The quality of the officiating has been a running joke for a while, but
if someone was fixing games, this might be a huge blow to the NBA,
which has enjoyed a mostly good run with David Stern as commisioner. And with a couple of weak years, and now this scandal to deal with, may find itself soon irrelevant unless they make some radical changes. At least the NHL, for all it’s faults, has not been afraid to innovate in an attempt to liven things up. The NBA really hasn’t done anything since they added the three point line.

I wasn’t for playoff re-seeding initially, but I think I’m behind it now, with how much stronger the West is right now. I think you do it after the first or second round, so that there’s at least some reason to have separate conferences.


3 thoughts on “Like rebranding, except less expensive

  1. Matuga

    So how does that contract for Rashard Lewis look now, Orlando? That money could be gone.This could be big. I love the sport of basketball, but I don’t have to watch the NBA to enjoy it. David Stern had better keep that in mind.

  2. atomic_spirituality

    Seasonal allergies. I have one of those. My doctor told me not to bother with testing, because they would be able to narrow it down to “a plant of some kind” which I already knew (using the same process of elimination as you did).

  3. mickyo

    It was fun watching the NBA playoffs in a group.  This is the first time in years I’ve watched them, but I would be up for it again next year. 

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