We’re going to experience some slight turbulence and then… explode

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging all that much. Sure enough, that was the reverse hex I needed to get back into the game.

Sorry, Kristen, there is some sports in this, though some of it can be viewed with different lenses. Two things that happened recently caught my eye.

A reporter being ejected from a NCAA baseball game for live-blogging it was one such occurance. Initially, being the blogging sort, I was on the side of the reporter, and thought he shouldn’t have had his credentials revoked. After some deliberation, I’ve swung the other way.

Some of you may recall my attempt at the Super Bowl, in a similar vein. I think the main difference here is, I wasn’t AT the Super Bowl, and I wasn’t providing ‘live’ updates. CBS didn’t have to worry about me competing with them for coverage of the event. The NCAA’s argument was that this reporter, by liveblogging the game, was in competition with them. And after some thought, I can see that line of thinking.

Especially since he’d been warned about it.

As for the other, this is a fairly recent development- Iron Mike Keenan is apparently about to become the Flames new head coach.

My immediate reaction: “Please tell me they’re joking.” What a dumb hire.

Keenan’s track record is eerily similar to Sutter’s, which is probably why the Flames GM hired him, after Playfair’s more relaxed style didn’t translate to playoff victories. Keenan always has success initially, but the whole ‘cracking the whip’ shtick wears through after a while, as Sutter’s did with the Flames.

And in recent years, Keenan’s stints as head coach have grown shorter and shorter, as the act grows tired, and the league passes him by. I don’t know if he’s adjusted to the changes the NHL and it’s players have made. I can picture one successful year, tops, but he’ll be out after two, with the possibility of the players being integral in his ouster. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even get a year.

And I say this all but assures Iginla’s gone when his contract is up. That’s probably what saddens me the most about this.

According to the media, this is Keenan’s eighth head coaching job. Uh, hello? Eighth? Did this not tip ANYONE off to how it goes with ‘Iron Mike’?

The only question that bothers me is, “Who would YOU have hired?” I think I’d have given Playfair another year. Perhaps that wasn’t likely with a veteran team, to allow a young coach to grow into the job. Or perhaps the players had tuned him out already, which would reflect just as badly on the players as the coach. But Mike Keenan? Was that the best we could do?

I say not.


5 thoughts on “We’re going to experience some slight turbulence and then… explode

  1. InnerFreq

    I’d hire father time to take us back in time three wonderful years.
    I appreciate that you appreciate that I appreciate Firefly.  It’s good to know somebody who does that I didn’t personally have to win over to it.
    “You… starting a book club?  What are you… trying to torture me?”

  2. mickyo

    Keenan is a good hire, time will bear that out.  He is a winner.  I am very skeptical that this means Iginla will leave. 

  3. Shnuff

    Could you expand on that latter portion, Micky? Keenan’s never really been known for handling players well. And Iginla was never really happy under Sutter, who poked and prodded his star incessantly.Looking back, I’d be more worried about Kiprusoff. He’s probably a goner, too, given Keenan’s penchant for alienating goaltenders (Though I doubt he’ll be pulling Kipper a lot, given Calgary’s utter inability to secure a good backup goaltender).I guess we won’t really know if Keenan’s still got it until the season starts. Still, when my initial reaction is to gag, that’s a sure sign I probably don’t like it.-DaveC

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