Good day, sunshine

Will it rain tomorrow? I don’t know. AND NEITHER DOES ANY WEATHERPERSON IN CALGARY.

Sorry, the idea of a ‘forecast’ has taken a beating in my book the last little while.

Work’s been going well enough- the odd rain shower (seeming more often of late) disrupting our outdoors-y business, but that’s not the worst thing ever. Still working on the ‘being built for this work’ thing, and trying not to be on the work site until 6 every day.

In any case, the updates will continue to be sporadic for a while, since the long, summer days seem to be draining my motivation. I’m not calling it a hiatus (yet), though I’ll admit to not having much in the way of creative juices for some time. Which is weird, given that I’m doing a ton less writing than I was during the semester at school.

I’m not blaming Facebook (which is teetering dangerously close to MySpace with recent developments), though I’ll admit to spending some time on there. It’s not a blog, and never will be. This, for the moment, is one of my foremost outlets. It’ll just be quiet for a while, until I figure out how this summer will shake down.


5 thoughts on “Good day, sunshine

  1. Zera82

    Yeah annoying isn’t it?  Specially when you drive a vehicle without anything above or to your sides to protect you from it.  I’ve been adapting pretty quickly to anything mother nature has been throwing at me on the roads.  Though we could only do most of the golf coarse job.  Mostly because of people parking where they shouldn’t be….. (Who knew people went golfing at 6 am on Sunday mornings?)

  2. xstarfall

    I HATE what’s happened to Facebook. The lack of all the stupid applications was what drew me to Facebook over stupid Myspace in the very beginning. Makes me sad!

  3. jktu2

    So, how do you know you can walk to work in Calgary without….getting drenched by the supposed thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms? Or taken up in a funnel cloud? Or struck by lightning? Yes, it’s tough – according to the weather people, I shouldn’t walk to/from work the last two weeks…but then every single time, it’s been FINE. A few clouds, a few sprinkles, but otherwise FINE. Hmpph.

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