Bacon wrapped bacon

Not a lot of news to report at this point- thought you’d like to know that Xanga allows comments from anyone now, so long as you have an email address. And if you don’t, then… I salute you, caveman. Person. Caveperson.

Instead, I give you random thoughts, from across the spectrum (yeah, some sports):

Brady Quinn should have ordered a pizza. Aaron Rodgers did it first, but it is a proud and noble tradition.

Wii is still a dumb name for a video game console, even if it was devilishly clever in presentation and execution.

Jim Playfair might deserve another season, but I don’t think he’ll get it.

My list of musical artists who need to kick the bucket: Panic at the Disco, Rascall Flatts, Fall Out Boy, the first guy that opened for Barenaked Ladies in ‘O4 (Either of ’em. But not ’07 opener Tomi Swick), Tori Amos, Fountains of Wayne, Oasis, any hip hop artist anywhere, and that guy with that voice.

Who is that, and what has he done with Vince Carter?

The power of appropriate music and well picked scene cuts.

Reading the comics section in the newspaper makes me nostalgic for the genius of Calvin and Hobbes.

Jason Kidd’s knees may have gone out, but he’s still a joy to watch. How’d he get 16 rebounds when he can barely get off the floor?

I have a wireless controller, a wireless mouse, a digital camera, and a laptop, but not a cell phone on my own tab (Thanks, Mom). I’m not sure what that says about me.

Up, up, and awaaaaay!


3 thoughts on “Bacon wrapped bacon

  1. xstarfall

    Really I still can’t believe they went ahead with ‘Wii’ when the initial reaction from pretty much everyone was ‘What? You’re joking right?’ and ALSO when the original production name was Revolution, so cool! Well I guess Wii is easier to say but I always feel like a dork in electronics stores asking ‘Do you, umm, have any Wiis?’

  2. Ken

    Actually, I will argue that “Wii” is the most insidiously brilliant name ever conceived of in marketing history!Well… except maybe for the Gremlin.Anyway, consider this: the tremendous popularity of the Wii is significantly due in part because it is non-threatening to non-gamers. You ask grandma from Peoria to come play on the “Revolution” with you, and she’ll beg off because she didn’t bring her Dramamine with her. But you say “Nanna, let’s play on the Wii!” and she can’t refuse. Then, she plays a little Wii Bowling, or Wii Golf, and suddenly she’s sent grandpa down to the Best Buy at six in the morning some Saturday to pick up one off the next shipment. Then you hear about her finishing Legend of Zelda, or Call of Duty, and it’s all downhill from there.That’ll never happen with a machine called the “Revolution.” Or “XBox 360,” or “PS3,” for that matter. At least, that’s what I think! ;)~k

  3. Shnuff

    Oh, I agree with you on all counts, Ken, and understand the reasoning. I’m not debating it’s sheer, understated simplicity and genius, and how well the console, and Nintendo as a whole is doing. Nintendo’s been printing money with their consoles from way back, unlike Sony, who could tank on this generation, and MS, who is losing money with every console they sell. I’m a die-hard Nintendo guy. I just think it’s a dumb name (I agree with the sentiment expressed here), and the easiest mark for wiseguys since the Conservatives and Reform came up with ‘CRAP’ (Conservative Reform Alliance Party) for their first attempt at unification. God bless Canadian politics.The worst of it is, I don’t know what I’d call it. ‘Revolution’ would work here, but not in other places (where the name carries a negative connotation), and it would need to be something simple, and universal.-DaveC

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