Bacon wrapped corn on the cob

I’d had some inklings as to where my footprints from California were coming from, but the link on this page confirms it.

Flames play an afternoon game today, which is kinda good, and kinda sucks. Baseball and basketball have been doing this kind of scheduling for years (basketball to the point of irritation, but that’s a topic for another blog Kristen won’t read), but hockey doesn’t feel like an afternoon game to me, for whatever reason. Baseball is, basketball can be, football is meant to be, but not hockey. I can’t rationally explain why.

So it took all of two months for me to crack on the “social networking” thing- I’m now on Facebook, and have started using Skype, which is a wonderful program. Facebook has been an experience for me because of how many people I used to know have contacted me in addition to the people I already know- a couple from as far back as junior high- and the variety of options it has. It seems to be drifting towards Myspace territory, which is a concern, but for now, I endorse it. I’ve had some fun with it.

Skype is a different thing, since it is used strictly for IM- I’ve used it more in participating in what has been termed a ‘microcast’ (a small podcast) for one of my various Trek related creative writing outlets, more than chatting. The voice quality on there is wonderful, even with my cheap headset, and distance doesn’t make much of a difference. Thus far, I’ve had conversations with people from California, Venezeula, and the Netherlands, all with excellent success.

I believe that’s all for now.


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