“Bold predictions” or “How to inevitably set yourself up for failure”

It’s that time of year, where a young man’s fancy turns to… playoff hockey.

It was down to the last couple of days in both conferences, with exciting games to determine playoff lives across the board. Our beloved Flames managed to make the playoffs, despite dropping the last four games, and are coming in with all the momentum of a stalled Pinto.

So here’s my bold (and inevitably incorrect) breakdown of the NHL’s first round, complete with one sentence analysis:

Da West:

(8) Calgary over (1) Detroit in 7
Time to see if I learned anything from last year’s whiff, and if momentum means jack-all in a seven game series (as I hope).
(4) Nashville over (5) San Jose in 6
Could go either way, though I’m glad the Flames didn’t draw the Preds.
(2) Anaheim over (7) Minnesota in 6
(3) Vancouver over (6) Dallas in 6
Why did Florida ever trade Luongo?

Da East:
(1) Buffalo over (8) New York Islanders in 5
Could be a sweep, but I could picture the Isles stealing one.
(4) Ottawa over (5) Pittsburgh in 6
Should be a fun series to watch, as Crosby gets his first taste of playoff hockey.
(2) New Jersey over (7) Tampa Bay in 5
Another possible sweep victim, but you just don’t know with Tampa Bay.
(6) New York Rangers over (3) Atlanta in 6
Everyone seems to be picking the Rangers to “upset” here, which is a mite worrisome.


3 thoughts on ““Bold predictions” or “How to inevitably set yourself up for failure”

  1. Anonymous

    Mike and I are going to the first game on Wednesday for the Ottawa/Pittsburgh series. I’ll have to make a post on it that night/Thursday morning.

  2. atomic_spirituality

    Florida traded Luongo so that they could have a goalie who gets drunk and tries to punch police officers. That and Luongo wasn’t doing all that much for them.
    I see Crosby getting his first taste of boards courtesy of O’Neill and wishing he had stayed home to pack for Winnipeg.

  3. Matuga

    I know I’m cheating given I’ve seen all the game 1s, but I was nervous about Calgary versus Detroit given Detroit should be out for blood given their recent playoff failures and the fact nobody’s giving them the respect a #1 seed deserves.
    Nashville and St. Jose should be classic if game 1 was any indication.  I think Pittsburgh will take the series (Ottawa’s game 1 win nonwithstanding), Buffalo will sweep, and I’m nervous about the Devils with their recent coach firing.

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