In ninety words or less (counting the numbers… would they count?)

Yay! Baseball (* for wildcard)!

AL East
1. Yankees
2. Sawx*
3. Jays
4. Rays
5. O’s

AL Central
1. Tigers
2. Indians
3. Twins
4. Sox
5. Royals

AL West
1. A’s
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, United States, Earth, Sol, Universe
3. Rangers
4. Mariners

NL East
1. Braves
2. Mets*
3. Phillies
4. Fish
90. Nationals

NL Central
1. Cardinals
2. Brewers
3. Cubs
4. Astros
5. Reds
6. Pirates

NL West
1. D’backs
2. Dodgers
3. Padres
4. The Team That Employs Barry Bonds
5. Rockies


EDIT: Forgot the Padres. Durrrrrrrrr.


3 thoughts on “In ninety words or less (counting the numbers… would they count?)

  1. Matuga

    Think the yanks are due for a fall, and Jays/Orioles higher then you put them – some people think the O’s might challenge for the wild card.AL Central could be anyone not in Kansas City (and they even made a run at it 2-3 years ago), so it’s tough to argue against your picks there.I want to pick Texas or LAA in the west, but Oakland does the same start slow, finish strong every year.Marlins should finish higher but I like your 1-2 in NL East. Nationals were better off in Montreal.Love your Brewers pick, but I think the Cubs will take the central. St. Louis is the World Series Champ but that was a case of peaking at the right time (combined with a bit of “slow playing”, to use a poker analogy).Did the Diamondbacks get better when I wasn’t looking? Because I’d pick the Dodgers, or even the Rockies over them.

  2. Shnuff

    The Orioles are terrible. They threw money at their bullpen this offseason, which seems like a good idea, but with the way relievers can fluctuate from year to year, never works. The Jays didn’t do enough to get past the Red Sox, who also threw a lot of money at gaping holes (though theirs was better spent than the O’s). Another year of Josh Towers is not what the Jays need.The AL Central was probably the toughest division to seed. Those top four teams could be within five or ten games of each other, but I think the Indians are better than they showed last year (though early injuries to Sabathia and Lee are ominous), and that the White Sox and Twins didn’t really get better.I wanted to do somebody other than Oakland in the West too, but I couldn’t reasonably justify anyone. The Angels aren’t quite good enough, and the Rangers still don’t have enough pitching.I think Mets are more flawed than a lot of people realize (here’s a hint: STARTING PITCHING), which is why I picked the Braves above them. The Braves are always in it, and you know they’ll be hungrier after missing the postseason last year. They made some good trades to shore up their bullpen (rather than free agent signings, which never work), and have a good mix of youth and veterans in the lineup.The NL Central was another tough division, but for the opposite reason than the AL- none of these teams are really that good. The Brewers have a good collection of young talent, though like the Cubs and the Astros below them, have some pitching questions. I don’t think the Cubs, for all their high profile acquisitions, really got that much better. Soriano won’t be as good as he has been, and they’re not going to get anything from Prior and Wood. I can’t bet against St. Louis, who always seems to find a way to win.The Diamondbacks are a younger version of the Dodgers- no real sluggers, good starters, and Vin Scully. Well, maybe not Vin Scully. But the rest applies. And they may have gotten better when you weren’t looking, Dennis, grabbing such players as Livan Hernandez, Doug Davis, and Randy Johnson for their rotation. None of them great by themselves, but together behind Brandon Webb, could be a good combination of pitchers.I can’t remember the last time the Rockies didn’t finish fourth. I see no reason that will change this year.-DaveC

  3. Shnuff

    Edited for boneheaded stupidity, two days later.Padres third in the West. That Josh Barfield trade was a bit of a head scratcher, and like the D teams above ’em, they don’t have much thump in the lineup.-DaveC

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