He does have some good ideas, occasionally

This isn’t a videoblog. Or a vlog (who made that word?). This is a video. And you will find it amusing.

Our monthly grocery runs typically have our freezer at full or
overflowing by the time we’re finished. One such trip, a couple of
months ago, had me so amazed by how much we’d crammed in there that I
just had to capture the moment on video.

Dennis has been bugging me to put it up with a couple of strategic edits, so,
without any further adieu (save for an apology from the rookie


8 thoughts on “He does have some good ideas, occasionally

  1. Emmetovich

    I cracked up when the Tetris music played. I feel so ashamed that I’ve got a deep freezer hidden away in a closet that is only half full when I could be making better use of the small freezer above my fridge.

  2. DannyBrinker

    vlog is a retarded word…..you know what else is?….guesstimate. I hate that word. Anyway intresting video…..its a wonder you’re so skinny man. If that was my refridgerator i’d have to unbutton my belt and feast.

  3. DannyBrinker

    sorry man but thats how goofy i can be. i like to stir up a little controvercy sometimes with stupid jokes…..its actually on november 1st if you want to hang on to the greeting for a little longer……

  4. atomic_spirituality

    You wanna know what’s in my freezer? About 1oo pounds of ground beef and 85 pounds of assorted sausage! Not eough pizza pops I’m afraid. But when you have a body shape like the bad guy from Mario Brothers, somethings gotta go…

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