But would you do it again?

I got new glasses yesterday evening, when I got my eyes checked, and started wearing them today. My eyes kinda hurt, as it’s a noticeably stronger prescription than before, and the doc said it’ll be a couple of days adjusting. But thus far, I like them. So I’ve been spending the majority of the day trying not to make a spectacle of myself.

(I’ll give you a moment to recover from that pun- or to find it if you haven’t groaned audibly by this point. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

I’ve been working on a Dave-normous blog post for a bit today, but ended up saving it to a word file. This is going to be a lunker. So to tide you over, I’ll comment on a few things.

Norv Turner as head coach of the Chargers? Really? With the inevitable Madden cover for Ladanian Tomlinson, and the accompanying Madden curse, there’s no way San Diego can avoid a 8-8 season, and just miss the playoffs next year. They’ll get to eight wins because even Norv Turner can’t screw up that defense too badly. I guess they couldn’t have done much better, but still… Norv Turner, who most recently went 9-23 as head coach of the Raiders in two years? Does anyone do any research before making these hires? San Diego may have completely botched their chance at a Super Bowl with this group.

Kipper needs to sit more. There’s really no argument you can make against this, watching him of late. Did they really bring in Jamie McLennan to play Phillipe Sauve and Brian Boucher, and just play pucks that come up into the crowd? If not him, get someone else. Or we’re looking at another first round exit.

I got an invite to Facebook a few weeks ago, though it’s still sitting in my inbox. I’m trying to get over the “why do I need another social networking/blog site?” line of thinking (and more work to maintain it, even though it’s also looking like I’m one of a dwindling number of people in the universe without a Myspace page. Even Micky and Jared’s nemesis, Andrew Ference, has one. I’m glad for this at the moment, given the assault on the senses that some pages on that website are, and how much you can clutter it up with senseless crap. Xanga’s layout doesn’t necessarily allow for a lot of artistic expression (thought some of ours do an excellent job at it), but let’s face it, you have to try  to make these an eyesore.

I went through a similar process with IMs a few years ago… I had ICQ for the longest time, and thought that was neat. Then, I got Yahoo!, MSN, and Skype, and GTalk, and before I know it, I’ve got scads of those little chat icons clogging up my tray. That the heavens for Trillian, which clears up a lot of that clutter.

I’m still going to avoid running the gauntlet with MySpace/Facebook/Xanga/flavor of the month social networker, though. If they’ll take me, they’ll take me kicking and screaming.

We out.


3 thoughts on “But would you do it again?

  1. xstarfall

    Aw, thanks Dave!
    Yeah, I really, really know where you’re coming from on the whole social networking sites thing. I fell prey to it for a while just because a different group of friends was on each one. And then I realized that was just dumb. At one point I was trying to keep Hi5 and Nexopia and Livejournal, Xanga AND Facebook updated. It’s too much. I cut it down to Xanga and Facebook, the two best ones. From the start I refused to get a MySpace because I have yet to visit one that isn’t hideous. (And I hate how you can put music on them. People listen to their OWN music at their computer more often than not, come ON!)
    If you ever do decide to run the gauntlet, Facebook is the way to go. It’s very organized and smart. The others are just bad!

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