Why don’t you tell it like it really is

It occurs to me that it has been eleven days without an update. I’d like to say that’s not my problem, except that it is, in the final estimation.

In any case, this’ll be somewhat shorter than my last effort, covering a little bit of everything.

I’ve got a friend from the States who’s in the army. A more accurate term might be e-friend (or perhaps iFriend, if we were Mac users. Thankfully, neither of us is), since I’ve never talked with him in any medium that isn’t email or instant messaging. He’s been stationed in Iraq twice now, currently serving his second term in what he has dubbed ‘the sandbox’. I get emails from him with uncertain regularity, and his most recent one linked to an article a member of his company wrote. It’s a worthwhile read, even if it’s one sided.

I promised Dad a little bit on the Marty Schottenheimer firing, which wasn’t perplexing in that it happened- more in it’s timing, about a month after they said he’d be back next year, and at a time when most of the head coaching spots seem to be settled. Sure, the Chargers went 14-2 last year, but Schottenheimer’s postseason failings are well documented, and the consensus was that he’d taken them as far as he was going to. I was surprised they kept him, but why fire him now, after all their top assistants have been snapped up? This is a team that can win now, and needs continuity, or an experienced hand at the controls. There’s still some good candidates out there, but they’re now almost guaranteed to take a step back with a new coach, with so many other assistants needed as well. It’s hard to know who’s the top candidate at this point- that job is wide open.

Dallas hiring Wade Phillips makes some sense, because they run the 3-4 like the Chargers did, and it looks like they’re grooming Jason Garrett to be their head coach at some point. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, though. If Dallas thinks he might be a head coach in the future, some other desperate team might snap him up sooner.

I enjoyed the Barenaked Ladies concert last Thursday, which Dennis and I attended with Mike and Leah. The acoustics were weird with where our seats were- Dennis commented on some of the sound issues, especially with the opening act- but it was, as I expected, great fun, and an excellent performance. The highlight for me was hearing them play “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” live. I could have died right there a happy man.

And despite the sound issues, Tommy Swick was a fine opener, if someone laid back in his songwriting. I didn’t really care for his stuff on the radio, but hearing him live warmed me up to him, even if they needed to dial back the reverb on his voice. Did covers of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” that passed merit, and seemed confident in his approach and stage presence. His voice reminds me a little of Tom Cochrane or Tom Petty, which is kind of appropriate.

I think that’s all.


2 thoughts on “Why don’t you tell it like it really is

  1. DannyBrinker

    That artical written by the sgt. in Iraq was a very interesting read. I would have to agree with him that alot of the americans are running around with their yellow ribbons in support but at the same time are putting down the president and the war itself. What do you think about the article and the war?

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