Rants, in c-minor-seventh

I’ve been itching to end this Nova Scotia series- not that I didn’t enjoy it (I did), but a lot of things happened that I wanted to rant on.

So, in list form:

1) The Flames are burning out Miikka Kiprusoff. Again. Nice to see they learned something from last year’s early exit. Pencil in a division title, but another first round exit if this stupidity continues.

2) Let’s be clear- I like that the Jays signed Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay. I’m a little leery of the years on Wells, but with this market, it was neccessary to overbid. And they can always move him to a corner spot if he slows down. Overbay’s isn’t long enough to be a concern, and let’s face it, he’s not blessed with gifts that are tied to his age.

My issue is with the horrendous backloading in the deals. Wells got 7 years and $126 million, and Overbay 4 years and $24 million. So, averaging that out, we get $18 million a year for Wells, and $6 mil for Overbay. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much these two will be earning combined next year?

Not the yearly average of $24 million. Not even half that.

$5 million? Nope. $1 million? Still too high.

The final answer: $900 000. Out of deals that are a combined $150 million between them.

One Sportsnetnews anchor (Don’t even get me started on the whole ‘Connected’ rebranding) actually said the Jays should thank Wells for only making $500 000 next year. My question: Are they insane? Do they not know basic math and finances? This isn’t like the NFL, where you can cut guys when they get expensive. You’re stuck with that deal.

So the boys in blue have some more money for next season, at the cost of getting screwed two or three years down the line! Thanks, J.P. Ricciardi!

3) Spoilerized 24 thoughts (warning: comments may not contain spoilers) Highlight and read, you know the drill:

Seems like they hustled through the ‘extract Jack/set up the plot’ bit,
which isn’t surprising from a show that’s been around this block as
many times as this one has. I mean, he and Assad were out chasing Fayed by
the end of the first episode.

Jack biting that guy’s jugular to escape was right up there with “I need a hacksaw” (Season 2, at the beginning- y’all know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) and him shooting that dude’s wife in the kneecap last season for best ‘That did NOT just happen’ moments in 24. I imagine I’m missing a few, but those are the two that stand out to me.

Welcome back to big time TV, Alexander Siddig (Hamir Al-Assad, and Doc Bashir from DS9). You’ve come a long way, dude.

Wayne Palmer’s a recognizable character, but would he really have a chance at the White House after his brother had already been in? Following big brother NEVER works (Sportsheads, think Peyton and Eli Manning, in the NFL). Still, he’s a good character. And I want him to punch Lennox about three or four times an episode, which is a sure sign that Lennox is being played well (the actor was actually in the ‘Bean’ movie, and I didn’t pick that up until I looked up his IMDB profile. That startled me.)

After the end of the second two-hour bit (which was taped for me), I was ready to give up television. It was that intense.

It seems like they’re running out of ideas, which must be why they finally detonated a nuke, for the sheer shock/novelty value of it. But this is the third time they’ve done the nuke thing, I think.

RIP, Curtis Manning. I had Chloe ticketed as the first one to die this year, given that she had the most tenure, but I guess not doing field work would make that more difficult. Though the whole Manning/Assad tension was fairly obvious from the moment he took the assignment.

Though almost no time has passed since Jack shot him, I found Buchanan’s lack of reaction to Manning’s death to be a little unbelievable. No emotion at all- just ‘all right, he was wrong, let’s move on’, while Jack weeps against a tree. It reminded me a little bit of the reaction to Cyclops’ death in X3, except that Manning was cool, and everyone hated Cyclops.

Despite my analyzing it to death, am I going to watch next week? Heck yeah.


2 thoughts on “Rants, in c-minor-seventh

  1. Matuga

    Concur with your whole assessment on 24, especially about Buchanan, although apparently being as even-keel as he is works against you when trying to show emotion. Didn’t think he’d kill him.Onto baseball, brilliant move by JP to sign those guys like that, as he likely will either not be around to deal with the consequences or holding a world series ring in 2-3 years (which means support/attendance will go up and they’ll be able to pay for it anyways). Not necessarily good for the Jays, but for him, it’s win-win.Flames might need to learn 2-3 times before they finally give Kipper some rest; he’s not going to admit if he’s tired. No hockey player would. I’m impressed with how well they’ve played with Iggy out.

  2. DannyBrinker

    I guess you had a great time in NS…..I should probably think about documenting things more for the future…..That was a very interesting blog you wrote about the jays. I know we’ve discussed baseball before and so you know I do pull for the Jays but as far as being in the states goes I’ve always had a hand for the phillies….they play in such a tough division. But hey for people like us 900 K is still alllllllllooooooottt of money šŸ˜‰ they probably shouldnt complain too much huh?

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