Nova Scotia, final entry: In pictures!

EDIT: Links popped up everywhere. Why did that happen? I don’t know. This took longer than I wanted it to.

The big day- Nanny’s 80th birthday celebration, in living colour.

(56k connections should just turn around and walk out now)

I wanted to write a closing entry for this, but didn’t get around to it
when we were in Nova Scotia, and I’m lacking the closeness to the event
to make it much good here. But I’ll try anyway.

The event, as reviewed by the birthday girl herself, was a success, and good times were had by all. I met a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years, marveling either at home much they changed, or how much they thought I’d changed, remembered and forgot a bunch of names, and didn’t take nearly enough pictures. At least, that’s what Dennis said. Also, the food was excellent.

Our music ended up going really well- We ended up doing one ‘we’re up at the front, pay attention to us’ set, and a couple of ‘background’ sets when the buffet table got kicked off, running through a selection of hymns. “As the Deer”, “Open Our Eyes, Lord,” and “O Come, O Come, Immanuel” and “It Is Well With My Soul” are the ones that I can recall offhand, as well as our stirring rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’. One particular spine chilling moment for me was when Uncle Don came and started to sing along when we played “As the Deer”. I just about lost it.

Mirah and Ethan, not to be outdone, also did songs on the piano, with Mirah doing a couple of Christmas tunes, and Ethan opting for a bluesy swing piece that I wouldn’t have minded playing along to. Musicality runs in the family- they’ll be giving us a run for our money before too long.

Some of Nanny’s friends also did a little skit, recapping her life in song and story, as a bunch of people on a bus. They kept making references to ‘the bus arriving’ beforehand, which confused me mightily until they started it up. Yeah, gotta get up pretty early to slip something past ol’ Dave.

I’m leaving comments on for this post, which was my intent from the start, as this is the last entry in the ‘Nova Scotia trip’ series. I intentionally turned them off for the other posts, and it’s not because I don’t like you, or your feedback. I love your feedback. That’s the problem. My intention was to write about the trip without getting caught up in that, as I do from time to time.

There are, of course, many unexplained references to people mentioned in prior posts, and a few more who make their pictoral debut here. I’m sorry. I had a hard time keeping track of names too.

Enough writing. To the photos!

The scene of the crime (er, party)- Birch Cove Baptist Church, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dennis, Kate, and Philip- tired, but ready to help set up. Most of the family and set up people were here already, but we had a one hour drive. Also, we’re lazy.

Gratuitous close up shot, with slight camera reflection in one lens.

This was after about an hour, I think. Note the three lazy blokes at the table, while I’m hard at work… uh… documenting. Yes. That’s it.

Young Mirah, on the other hand, was anxious to help set up.

Dennis and Philip, plotting ways to get out of working more (either that, or discussing the board game “Diplomacy”, which Phil has played). Unfortunately, my proximity to the kitchen and my produce knowledge ended up forcing me into a task.

All those tables and chairs? Yeah. That was the three of us and Dad, and a couple of other able bodied church members. Kate and Mirah handled the balloons, streamers and banners.

The back of Mom’s head, and a fine selection of fruits and vegetables. That is young Ethan’s handiwork on the bottom plate, lining the kiwi along the outside. Fantastic.

Fun fact about cantaloupe: The ones that look the best actually aren’t ripe. You want the ones with bruises on the outside, and not quite as firm- so long as they aren’t mushy.

Mirah and Kate, practicing their songs before people started arriving.

Bill, Karen’s husband and Philip and Kate’s father, spotted me skulking around with the camera before people started to arrive. So we had a photo-off.

The innocent bystander is Nanny’s brother, Austin.

This would be one half of the elder edition of the Church brothers. From left to right, Don, my dad, and Bob. Bottom right (back of the head pictured) is my Grandma, and their mother. If I were smarter, I’d have gotten a better picture of her.

Kate and Philip- Phil spotted me just as I was lining up the shot.

Mirah and Ethan found something interesting to take a picture of- so, naturally, I took a picture of them taking a picture of something. I’m so deep.

And, finally…

The birthday girl, who actually turned 80 on the 15th, if my memory’s good. But being the accommodating sort she is, she had her celebration at a time when some of her distant family (us) could attend. I think I want that chair.

Happy Birthday, Nanny.


5 thoughts on “Nova Scotia, final entry: In pictures!

  1. Matuga

    I will *end* you for including the picture of me holding the baby.Great pics other then that though. Even that one. I didn’t actually say anything (as far as I can remember. Ha! fight that), she just handed him over. Which is why I’m semi-puzzled-but-still-smiling-at-camera.

  2. Shnuff

    Deleted your second comment about the music, Dennis- we’re all perfectionists, but we did good. No sense dwelling on a gaffe or two, which we all made (witness the extension on ‘It is Well with My Soul’, and the once or twice I got lost)-DaveC

  3. Emmetovich

    I’ve enjoyed the recap of the trip, even though I have no idea of who these people are apart from your description.Regarding that picture of Dennis with the baby, it seems to me he isn’t so much “holding” the baby as he is being sat upon by the baby whilst keeping the kid from falling over. But still, nice to see both of you interacting with your extended family.

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