Third entry, part 2: I’m running out of witty titles

Our cousin Nick, his wife (I’ve gone and forgotten her name already… cripes), and us and Tessa… I can’t remember what Dennis said that made her hand the baby to him for this photo, but I’m sure it was hilarious.

We drove to Karen’s, and Mom and Dad left us to the care of Karen and Kate. While Karen went to the airport to pick up Philip, we had a three person game of Wizard with Kate in front of the big screen television in the basement (which, incidentally, is just outside the room I’m in now).

Philip arrived just as we were wrapping up the game, and we exchanged pleasantries and boasts of our Wizard prowess while we wrapped up the last couple of hands. I did, of course, pull out the victory (though I’d forgotten how much the points could swing when you’ve only got three people bidding), and we had a game of poker.

Lacking chips, our hosts located a bevy of change we could use for just such an occasion. I admire their resourcefulness.

I think I slept in until about 11 o clock today, and was the last one to get up. I came upstairs, had some breakfast, and Philip and Dennis were engaged in a Dr. Mario match.

We spent the afternoon playing some Xbox 360 (rented from what had to be the most talkative video store clerk I’ve ever encountered), and trying to figure out how to get the fancy wireless controllers to work correctly on that. Once we got them set up, it was fine, but getting to that point didn’t seem to be a simple thing. I’m content to blame it on our own stupidity, though, since none of us had ever played the system before.

As it turns out, today was Kate’s birthday, so we had a brief ceremony and gift exchange at lunch. Dennis and I didn’t know, so we were empty, save for our well wishes. I kinda felt bad, given how good a host she’s been (and how good she’s been on the keyboard), but it’s been such a whirlwind week.

We did some more practicing today, and added ‘What a Wonderful World’ to our repertoire of hymns. I think that’ll be a huge hit if we can find a good spot to break it out.

I have to be up early tomorrow (8ish, ir something like that), but sure enough, I can’t sleep. It’s the big day- Nanny’s celebration, where Dennis and I get to figure out if we’re as good as we think we are. Or if I’m worrying over nothing again.

The room I’m in has this light over my head, near the door, and I can’t figure out how to turn it off. There’s no obvious switch, and the plug is lost in the mass of cords behind the computer. It wasn’t on yesterday night, so I didn’t have to worry about it then. I’m this close to unscrewing the bulb, and then putting it back in for the morning.

It’s past 2- oy. That bulb’s going out now.