Nova Scotia, first entry: What time is it?

 Tim Hortons, Calgary International Airport, circa January 1, 2007 at… some unholy hour of the morning.

January 2 – 9:33 am local time

We did make it, though attempts to sleep on the plane didn’t quite work
for me. Dennis caught a little indigestion, proving that leftover wings
may not have been the best idea at 3 in the morning before our flight
out. I think Dennis and I finally keeled over shortly after 8:30
yesterday night.

We’re at Nanny’s apartment in Halifax, which has been a waystation for our Nova Scotia trips for some time, owing to it’s uncanny ability to transform from an apartment for one to a resting place for five. Though the bed is smaller than I remember (surprise, surprise), the hospitality and food is just as good.

We quasi-sort-of-semi gameplanned the rest of the week at dinner last night, trying to see as much family as possible before the birthday celebration on Saturday. With a lot of family from both sides in the area, and a definite need to see cousin Kate to practice our music (which we still haven’t squared out) by Saturday, that’ll be quite the trick. Sounds like we’ll stop over to see them this afternoon, which’ll be good. Assuming we don’t stink up the joint, anyway, but I doubt that, even with our uncertainty.

Seeing Grandma (Dad’s mom) for lunch today, which should be good. Though her health has been failing of late, I can’t remember seeing Grandma with anything other than a smile on her face, and a spring in her step. She’s the kind of person who can make a joke funny, even if you’ve heard it a million times.

I think I may have to forgive those people who can’t tell Dennis and I apart- looking at the bevy of old pictures of us here at Nanny’s place, I can’t always tell either.